Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting Raymond for coffee and Gary's Birthday today!

I just got back from having coffee with Raymond this morning. He said his brother Gary cooked him a steak last night and had been most kind and hospitable. He will be seeing his youngest brother Dan and picking up his stuff (writings) and probably leaving for Utah tomorrow. We had a lot to talk about it. It was very enjoyable. Did I need a pickup! I will be talking more about our conversation as time goes on. We plan to meet again tomorrow. Just as he left he reminded me that it was Gary's birthday today. He had gotten the book I sent him, "The Devinci Code." Here is a photo of Gary I took in LA. He looks very distinguished. He was born in '53 so he is all of 56. Still working very hard, staving off trouble in these hard economic times. Raymond said his house is on the market.

Now I am needing to go have some lunch. I am still recovering from the flu but I am getting better! I saw the freedom fighter I call him yesterday. I told Doc this morning I thought he moved, but I call him the freedom fighter because he may help free me from the alcoholics like him. I feel I am swimming in alcohol sometimes in this place.


Sugar said...

HB to Gary!!!
Glad you're feeling better. ;)

sober white women said...

I am so glad that you had a nice visit with your son, and that you are feeling better. Life is good.

Amrita said...

Take care gerry


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