Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Playwrights wonder whether Extra Terrestrial Blue will even appear, but at last he comes in his startling blue glasses (Scene 1b)

Here is the second part of of Scene one of "Blue" which is 28 minutes long. The last segment of Scene 1 will be uploaded tomorrow.
My sister LaRae in whose honor this play was written is in the photo below in her impressive dark glasses. I wonder what she is doing over there? Wherever she is, I imagine her getting a kick out of these videos. Her daughter just got back from a trip to China and I am sure she felt her mother's presence along the way. Her daughter experienced some risks from would be Chinese bandits seeking to lead them to dark alleys to rob them of their money, passports and cameras. Fortunately they had seen fit to travel with a big rough looking Utah guy who would zoom down and frighten the brazen desperate thieves away. I am sure LaRae felt she had to go along as their guardian angel.


Lori J said...

Hi there,
I just saw you comment on my friend WA Linda'sjournal and decided to stop by and say hi.
We are holidaying over here in Tucson but have to come over to pick up our youngest daughter and her baby who have decided to get out of the Alberta snow and come and be with us a few days.
I still can NOT believe this weather but I am sure you are used to it.



Ann said...

I am enjoying this first scene with all the characters coming to the spirit convention. Those blue glasses of Doc's are perfect. He can just slip them on, then off to be BLUE. All the characters are gathered. I am very interested in what will happen next! Let the play continue.

Ann said...

While I was writing, the flowers appeared. I remember how beautiful they were this time of year.


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