Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dante is sleepy from playing video games all night

We made a video today, but I had to interview Dante lying down. He was too tired to sit up But I am glad he gets to come and visit Grandma's computer every once in while!


Sugar said...

dante is a handsome lad, but personality wise he reminds me a lot of my gson jeremy (at least in that video). lol
i got the 2 bks last eve, ty soooo much. i know i'll love angels &'ll be the next i start on when i finish the current.

Pamela said...

He's very handsome! He acts like my son would if I were taping him LOL!
Have a good day.

Ann said...

That was certainly a video done by a teen. It was typical right to the end when he no longer wanted to be bothered. Dante, you are too good looking for words, but I do hope you and your dad make jokes, not fight! A good look at the Teen side of life.

Amrita said...

Dante 's cool and has a great sense of humour.

Really enjoyed this one.

How old is Dante?


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