Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finishing "Blue" today written to comfort my sister LaRae dying of cancer 20 some years ago: her ghostly cattle run forever in the painting below

LaRae with Mother in this photo, who have both gone to greener pastures. Doc and I read the scenes I wrote today, and we have the first one to redo before I upload this reading to Youtube. You will start seeing this new series tomorrow.
I chatted with Raymond today as he was wheeling down the California freeways. He said they had a full house last night and he thought it was his best night of acting, because he got a lot of different reactions. He says now that he is more sure of the lines he is having more fun with the play, but he says the trouble with a one man show he gets lonely backstage when there is only him. I know what he means. I have to take full advantage of Doc's presence as long as I have got him. He is there to laugh and appreciate my lines and spur me on.
I was so shocked to read that Missy was back in the hospital but I got worried when I read in her blog that she had been experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain, so when her blog malfunctioned and I kept getting Debby I was fearful it had something to do with that. I breathed a sigh of relief when Guido sent me her new link and she seemed to be her usual ebullient git up and go self. Imagine my shock when I saw Call for Support for Missy by Guido this morning and went to her blog to read she was in the hospital with blood clots in the lungs, and cannot even get out of bed, doctors' orders! Now she will have a ways to go before she is well. I think it is so hard for some very active people to slow down.
Also I am posting Capt'n Nancy's blog link on my blog list. She has been seeing Donna who has had a very tough go but is recovering. You will enjoy Nancy's artistic sweet blog. It is obvious she has inherited some of sister Donna's talents. Donna designated Nancy as the one to report on her progress when she went into the hospital.


Amrita said...

La Pae was very pretty.

What is the temp like in Phoenix?

We are in the high 80s.

Ann said...

That is a ghostly cattle drive! At least it is with the missing people just below. If you had 7,500 hits on your Utube Videos, you are reaching out to more people than you could possibly reach if you did a play. Amazing!
Just keep on writing...and acting.
I am looking forward to Blue.

sober white women said...

I am so glad that Raymond is doing good!
This weekend we are all heading to see one of Nikki's friends perform. I have not been to a live production in a very long time. It should be a lot of fun.

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry, please can you send me a book of quotations - kinda famous people 's quotes and stuff. I am looking for a book like that.

I recommend 2 Indian authors to you.

Both Booker Prize winners.

Read - The White Tiger - by Arvind Adiga , he won this year 's Booker Prize
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy , she won it in the 90s.

Missie said...

Thanks for all your thoughts of me right now!! Have a good week.


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