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Bush's rule of conscience regarding abortion subject of 30 days public comment before present administration rescinds it

I got this touching graphic from Connie, of Windswept Whispers. Thanks so much, Connie.
I knew this day would not be long in coming, and sure enough the Department of Health and Human Services even though there is yet to be a secretary appointed to pass muster, announced Friday that the rule of conscience that Bush got passed in his waning days in office will be rescinded after a 30 day period of public comment. This means that providers such as the Catholic Church hospitals, doctors, nurses, whoever do not believe in abortion were not required to perform them. This has greatly irked the abortion advocates who seem to see this as a threat to legalized abortion which they deem as totally necessary in our society. So they want these providers to be forced to perform abortions whether they want to or not, or lose obstetrical privileges and so on. The Catholic Church has come out officially saying that their hospitals will not perform abortions even if they have to shut them down!
I am sure that many who think religion is anathema to reason will not care if things go that far. So now who is turning into extremists here? It seems to me that a procedure that requires bloodshed and killing can never be harmless and without consequence in some people's eyes
Churches have been deeply criticized and called dangerous who try to dictate public policy, hence the need for separation of church and state in many people's eyes. But when extremists on either side try to deny what is inherent in their convictions, that is, a question as to whether they are right or not, who is the dictator here?
Nobody on earth is going to tell me that the act of killing the unborn must be a law for our good. Whose good? Certainly not for the good of the child who is being killed, who these believers would not give the right to live once conceived.
The columnist Cal Thomas believes that many pregnant women would change their minds if they were just shown a sonogram of their unborn child before aborting. That too is against the law. In fact for years, Planned Parenthood, the nations biggest provider, has done everything possible to keep any laws from passing that might impede abortion. Is that right?
A right to life governor, Janet Brewer, has succeeded Janet Napolitano, a democrat and believer in pro choice, in Arizona and it is expected that despite a democrat in national office, her regime might succeed in passing such limitations in abortion policy as required notification of parents when underage teens seek abortions. Planned Parenthood has killed any attempts to pass this one restriction for years. Any other surgical procedure requires the notification of parents, except abortion. Is this right?
Years ago, Bryan Howard, head of Planned Parenthood in Arizona, said in the newespaper that parents should not be notified because they might be religious zealots who would prevent the teen from having an abortion, therefore ruining lives. He is on record as saying that all teens who get pregnant should have abortions. This man has been dictating abortion policy in Arizona for years as has Gloria Feldt, head of the national Plannned Parenthood who preceded Bryan Howard as head in Arizona.
So I have been reading what these people have to say in the press for years. Bryan Howard was recently quoted as saying that he is sure Planned Parenthood sponsoring lectures by pro choice advocates in colleges will counteract the harm Governor Brewer might do to the cause of legalized abortion. Jane Fonda was Planned Parenthood's representive who recently spoke at our huge ASU insitution to enthusiastic response according to Howard.
I was interested to read this since I thought that Jane Fonda had joined a Chrisitan Church, so I did not know how she could continue in that capacity and square it with pro choice lectures in universities.
But I know for a fact that universities can become radicalized simply by awarding tenure to extremists. I have come to believe that higher education can have an insidious effect on the young that is not necessarily good, if the young are not in the habit of reasoning about the influences they come across, but just accept whatever any radical says if he or she is 'educated' or has a degree.
When a degree is at stake, people are less apt to question a professor's beliefs. It could hurt their futures. I know this could happen, because I put acquiring my degree on the line by behaving according to conscience. This led to my incarceration in a psych ward, from which I emerged with my health broken, after nearly dying in there under threat of electric shock.
How would you like to be dragged off to a mental institution for questioning university policies? I did not even get very far before I was dealt with very severely.
I went with my consicence because I believe that standing up for beliefs is more important than a college degree. I felt I was fighting extemist attitudes both on the far left and the far right. There is a big resemblence in both factions, in that they want to dictate policy without regard to reason. The Mormon faction was practically overwhelming in Utah at that time, but they did not know how to deal with the left extremists who had infiltrated the university as they do everywhere. These two factions were diametrically opposed in many areas, but they were both dictating to me what I needed to believe in order to get a degree. I had to conform to both! Neither parties could be reasoned with. A Mormon psychiatrist incarcerated me, but a radical in the theater department called him for an appointment. A psychiatrist who I am sure did not believe in either philosophies had the power to give me electric shock therapy against my will. I disputed that I needed it. He could not make up his mind to concede that simple point, since those accused of mental illness at that time could be electric shocked against their will. Was he going to go against that widely accepted policy and get himself in trouble in his command? No, he wasn't, which is why I then had to nearly die to get out of it. Something was wrong with me, I already knew. They did not listen. I told them it would kill me, and so before their eyes I nearly died. Only then did they believe me, and turn me loose, but only after I signed a paper saying that I volunteered to go there myself! An absolute lie.
So I express my conscience when it comes to abortion, over and over. For years. I do not let anybody else dictate to me what I am going to think about something so important. I am not going to call the bloodshed and violence required by abortion as 'necessary' for our society to survive. This I will state in a public forum and will be sending a copy to the White House to be directed to the Department of Health and Human Services.


LaRena said...

I somehow had missed the rescinding of the rule of conciseness, and definitely felt appalled and upset by the very idea of pressure being put on anyone to perform an abortion when it is against their principals. How about their right to choose. There are so many strange things going on right now, it is hard to keep up with it all.

sober white women said...

Amber said to me just the other day "Just think when you were my age you were pregnant with me". That is a sobering statemnet, but true. I may have had my children young, but I would not trade them for the world!
Now don't get me wrong there are day's when I sell them to the highest bidder. LOL

Carlene Noggle said...

I do not believe in abortion either. back in the 80's,When I had my tubes tied, I had to go to a 'clinic' to get it done. In the room they took me to was a big vat looking thing. I asked the nurse what it was and she told me it was for when they aborted babies, the remains that were suctioned out of the mother went into that huge vat thing. Then someone would have to go through it and gather the little baby body parts (that had been torn apart by the process) to prove that an abortion was actually done and so the clinic would get their money. The nurse told me that no one there actually wanted to do it... I got sick just hearing that and cried my eyes out. After my surgery, I woke up and was still crying..thinking about that room and the death trap for baby parts.
God help the little children...GOD HELP OUR NATION.

Cathy said...

Y'know Gerry I found this heart-tugging in thinking of 13-yr old victims of incest, then as usual the cool cold waters of science poured in. To my mind, logically, if something can replicate itself, it must be alive. If it lives, it deserves to be and any interference with that function of living is considered killing, under our laws. But we have hearts, we look at this from every angle. And again, we return to the one truth: If an ovum is making its way to the uterus w/o interference, if it attaches itself there and continues to grow, it will eventually become me or you or anyone like us. So interfering with the life process seems unnatural. I say this w/o any reference to religion because I don't think it's a matter for anyone's God, not mine or yours. It's pure science. Life begins, leave it alone. God's role in all this is a mystery and folks should'nt use Him as their scape-goat or excuse for why abortion is wrong. It's not a question of right or wrong, we're not that advanced IMHO. I think God does a fine job being God and I wouldn't try to convince anyone what He's thinking. No, it's a matter of life. Once it starts, and continues w/o interruption, it's the most basic fundamental right of that life to experience the only world we know which can support it, our earth. If God is involved I'll find that out when I'm dead. In the meantime, this is pure biological science IMHO. Thanks for a great entry.

Connie said...

No one should be 'forced' into performing abortions.It's bad enough that it is done..without maing hospitals it or be forced to close.God is watching you people and he's gonna get mad and when he does it will be the end of days...
Babies, like puppies and kittens, did not ask to be conceived -but since the time that cell divided there was a living being that God created and should have the right to live and breathe.Those that take that right from them are no less than murderers...........


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