Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Serial killer puts his mark on Westward Ho resident

I came back from seeing the play in which the question was raised as to whether my ex-husband met with foul play and was killed for the cash he carried, and his body buried in a shallow grave, as someone meeting his description was seen at a gravel pit some miles away. I got back and started watching the trial that had been going on of one of the men accused of being the partner of another man who terrorized us here in Phoenix some months ago by driving around and shooting people at random. They coined the phrase 'recreational killing' and described it as 'fun' to shoot someone who was not expecting it. The one man, dressed in a dapper outfit, was defending himself, trying to prove that when the other killer who was testifying against him said they were out killing people he was off with girlfriends. But the girlfriends have have been testifying this wasn't so and that he terrorized and threatened them, too. The other man is regarded as the pathological killer of the two who interested Dale Hauser so much with his tales of violence that he allowed him to move in with him. Shotgun pellets were found in Dale Hauser's car, but still he sounded so confident and 'normal' I wondered if he would not sway some of the jury as to his innocence.
I gradually found out another man in a wheel chair was afraid he would get off, too, and had appeared in court every day of the trial. I thought the man looked kind of familiar but it wasn't until the reporters started talking more about him when I came back that I realized he was a resident here. He had run for Vice Chair of the tenants orgranization and gave me his campaign pitch. I voted for him and he won, and later the man voted chair resigned and he moved up to chairman. I thought when he was talking to me he seemed like quite a vigorous attractive man, not too old, and I wondered what could have put him in a wheel chair.
Well, it turns out the serial killers did. They shot him at random, and he was paralyzed, but 38 pellets had to be left inside him, and it was thought they had caused a stroke. Now I was hearing on the news that they thought he had another stroke and was in the hospital on the critical list.
I was shocked. I asked around and found out that yes, he had been very ill, but was better now, and hoped to get out of the hospital soon. His mother lives here, too, and she is also in a wheel chair, but her son was only 38 years old when the serial killers ended his normal life, leaving him paralyzed.
Now two more serial killers have gone on the rampage, in Alabama and Germany this time. A bunch more innocent people have been the victims of someone's insane wrath and dark evil urge to kill.
Such murders have become so common none of us know when we will become the victim of random violence. Why? It has always been my belief that we should study these men instead of killing them, because we just know too little about why they snap and start to destroy the lives of people they don't even know so could not have done anything to them. Their acts are grim enough to confound the world and give us nightmares. I am hoping that our resident will see justice done in Dale Hauser's case and can have some peace.


Anonymous said...

We do study them, or rather there are many psych-neuro M.D.s & forensic psychiatrists in the USA who claim that as their primary job. Shows on TV about "profilers" make it all sound very titillating, but I would imagine it to be very depressing in reality. ~Mary

Ann said...

It is chilling to hear about those killers on the rampage, shooting anyone they see. Too many dead in a very short time.
The families are left to mourn.

Amrita said...

It is absolutely appauking to see how violence against the innocent - terrorism is ripping our wrolds and lives apart.

You know what happened in our Indian city of Mumbai on Nov 26th last year.


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