Monday, March 9, 2009

I see "Bohemian Cowboy" in LA and talk about it on my Youtube video blog


Sugar said...

when the video started, i saw doc in the rm behind you putting on his shirt & hat...i thought, he reminds me al ittle of mel (my step dad). then as your video whent on & the 2 of you interacted, it made me think of my mom & mel, they had a relationship somewhat like yours.
i loved your tell of the play, raymond must be so talented. and he's really a very handsome man!!!
know you must be tired after your whirlwind of a trip, get some rest.

Ann said...

When I went to Oregon for Thanksgiving, I took a plane from Las Vegas. Going across the desert, I wondered about Dean and how he could be so lost. Is he alive, but doesn't remember how to get home. I can't imagine him not talking about Escalante, Raymond, and Boulder. Did he die? It was touching to me that he might be out there someplace. You and Gary there for Raymond's play draws that spirit again. Raymond, I hope you find your way from grief.
Gary and Gerry too... a disappearance creates mystery that never goes away. For me too.

DB said...

Gerry, I don't want to waste your comment space, but I just need to tell you how important your comments were to me. My latest entry in Vagabond Journeys tells a little about how things got settled. DB

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry, Yhank you for visitng my blog and leaving a comment.
I like video blogs, they are so personal.

Its like having a conversation with someone.


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