Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts accuses legislators who just passed abortion restrictions of not caring about children 'after they breathe'

I felt indignant all day at the implication that pro life believers are so obssessed with their battle against abortion they don't care about living children. I explain in this video why I don't think that is the case. Besides pro choice people forget how many years they have fought to keep legalized abortion free of absolutely any restrictions.
I want to point out since I have posted a header of my 4 sisters and me that my sister LaRae became a pro choice believer and confided in us two years after the fact that she had aborted a child she conceived while having an affair with a man who had only recently left his wife and five children. She said she thought that her husband would take their two children if she became the center of a scandal involving this child. The father of child did not agree, but she had the abortion anyway, I think with the help of a doctor two years before abortion was legalized. But when she told me I had an awful premonition that this would have a bad effect on her life and that she would not live to be old. I thought she was just too sensitive a person not to respond to all the ramifications of this act, since she was a top secretary and could have taken care of the child and inherited a considerable sum of money from our father as well later on.
We finally had to agree not to talk about the subject since she did not change her mind, but some years later, she confided that after a divorce from a second husband, she was fighting bilimia again, a problem that started in high school. She had also had several procedures on cysts in the breast, so since she was considered at risk for cancer, when she was diagnosed with fibroid tumors and wanted a hysterectomy she agreed to have an oconologist (cancer doctor) remove her uterus so he could check her very carefully. At the last moment she broke this appointment, to the dismay of my nurse sister Margie, and had a young doctor just starting his career remove her uterus. With bilimia she probably never gained more than five pounds in her life, and she told him she wanted a vaginal hysterectomy so that the scar would not keep her from wearing a bikini.
As was determined later, the young doctor did not remove her ovaries as a precaution against cancer, as the oconologist intended to do. A year later her symptoms drove her to the doctor again and tests revealed she had developed ovarian cancer which had spread. She was told her cancer could not be contained, she was terminal. At this time she was in her late forties.
She fought her cancer strongly, going through radium and chemo and chemo once more after she came out of remission. Her courage was phenomonal. But she told me that she went to visit the married man once before she died and he said, "You would not be dying if you had not had that abortion."
I did think that from that point on she lived with death as a solution, and she just was not as careful as she could have been with her own health. She complained of being severely depressed before she got the cancer. I got alarmed and asked her if she had not considered professional help. I could not help but think that her attitude toward having the child contributed to her depression. I also think that her bilimia kept her so glamorous looking, that she adopted a too fast life style more easily.
But I never fought with her about her choices. I did not think that would be right. From time to time we might talk about it, but we dropped the subject as she desired when she did not indicate a change of mind. I did not consider it too surprising that a member of the family would be persuaded by pro choice arguments, to the point she would go to her death still a supporter of legalized abortion.
Does my sister still live? If there is a life after death I am satisfied that she soon learned that this was a real person she had aborted and this child went on to develop and grow in another world. In fact, not long before she died I dreamed I saw a child's skull lying in a field that had been sculptured by my sister. LaRae and Linda both are skilled sculpturers. A voice spoke to me and said LaRae's daughter has forgiven her mother and is waiting to be reunited with her in heaven. I cried and cried. It was all so sad.


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