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Arizona Legislature passes several abortion restriction bills: relation of abortion to war

All of these bills had been introduced in the legislature before and passed, but were all vetoed by democratic governor, Janet Napolitano. Pro life republican legislaters wasted no time in introducing them again when Napolitano became head of homeland security, and Janet Brewer, a republican, took her place as governor. Republican Brewer it is believed will not veto the bills as she has a good pro life voting record.
What will be required now is a 24 hour waiting period after applying for an abortion. Protesters especially objected to this saying that this meant abortion providers would have to make 2 trips to rural areas, first to inform the woman wanting the abortion of what is involved, and what her alternatives are, and then returning to actually perform the abortion.
A bill had also been passed to require parental consent by any minor seeking an abortion. It was discovered that some were forging their parents names, so legislaters wanted an addition to this bill requiring the notarization of the signature. Janet Napolitano also vetoed this bill in its entirely so this restriction was never enforced. I was happy to see this bill strengthened as when my 15 year old son worked and paid for his 15 year old girlfriend to get an abortion, they were not required to tell their parents at all. So I did not get any chance to try to save the child. My son said "I didn't want to be a 15 year old father!" I said, "You would have adjusted. There have been thousands of teens who became fathers." I knew this son was tender hearted, and in time would have come up to the challenge. Sadly this son has never had another child. His girlfriend never saw me afterwards but what she said how she regretted having that abortion. She feared to tell her parents. Clearly, what was a problem with parents at 15 turned into a lifetime of regret caused by an abortion.
The bill also gives doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals the right to refuse participate in an abortion or prescribe emergency contraception (which is an essence an abortion at the very earliest stages.
A second measure to the bill would impose a fine or 2-year prison sentence for performing an illegal abortion known medically as intact dilation and extraction. Currently the prison sentence is one year.

Of course there is always the fear of Obama getting FOCA passed in congress, if enough votes can be mustered, to rescind all the restrictions states have imposed on abortion! FOCA is frighteningly pervasive in allowing late term partical birth abortions without restriction. FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) would also put legalized abortion in a category where it could not be touched. Yes, that is the aim of those pushing the bill. Never again a restriction on abortion by the states. Never again abortion not available. In fact, they would like people who propose restrictions to be prosecuted!
Let's hope these extremists don't have their way, but pro life people were alarmed at Obama's campaign promises to the strong pro choice faction of the democratic party. As a democrat I continued to fight for pro life democrats to speak up and oppose the party of civil rights being shanghaiied by abortion advocates. To me, the bloodshed of abortion does not put it in the same category at all of civil rights, even though abortion advocates have tried to make it sound like abortion is just as noble a cause as equality for blacks.
I think of them as extremists just as I think of the Bush presidents as war mongerers, believing that brutal crushing modern warfare is the only way to solve problems with Iraq. There is probably going to be centuries of emnity now toward the U.S. in Iraq. I feel President Bush could not get it out of his head that he needed to invade Iraq to finish up in the warrior way what his dad started. It is so easy not to think of the terrible violence that has ensued ever since in Iraq, because it is not happening in our country. We don't have to dodge bullets and get risked being blown up with car bombs and suicide jihaud martys with bombs strapped to their bodies. Our country was not invaded by the crushing military force of the U.S. Our capitol was not bombed as Bagdad was. And then WMDs were not found. Oh sorry! Excuse me.
I abhor war fare. I abhorred the Viet Nam war, thought we had no business there, bombing the country in the dark ages, too, in a war we could not win, because for one thing we just did not have the moral conviction we should be there, just as we did not have this in Iraq. I hated Johnson expanding the war in Viet Nam and I hated Nixon's support of war, and I hate McCain's belief that war solves more problems than it causes. I declared myself a conscientious objecter in my twenties.
Abortion is just another war, on the unborn. Another slaughter of the innocents.

The following is my open letter to the Arizona Republic just published in my blog g4life. I want you to have the chance to read it since accessing my blog g4life is very difficult.
Open letter to Arizona Republic about using the idea that church and state should remain separate to express prejudice against 'church' thinkers in regard to abortion
The disrespecting of what churches teach us with the legalizing of abortion is denying that the churches have for centuries attempted to find solutions to the age old problems of conception, too many children unhealthy for the mother and society, in fact the gamut of problems relating to conception without resorting to violence and wrong doing.
If you study the history of nuns you find that many women sought refuge in the nunneries of the day formed for women to get away from these very problems that had overwhelmed them out in their society. Vows of abstinence were commonly taken as the only sure way to prevent pregnancy, and many of these women elevated abstinence to something holy, the power of which is not understood today with a media that has attempted to purge all publications of anything to do with 'church thinking', in a misguided idea that we must have complete separation of church and state which is another idea that is pure propaganda in nature, causing people to huff and puff without quite knowing what they are objecting to. Quite as though church thinkers are far more dangerous than abortion advocates when they are not apt to insist killing is harmless (in the case of the fetus).
But then another propaganda idea is that abortion is not really killing. Propaganda is getting people to believe something that is not rational or logical. It is based on arousing the people's emotions, and once the blood rushes to the head, logic can fly out the window.
Well, over a million abortions a year ought to convince us that such extremism is not going to change those numbers, that in fact, we have a long way now to go to find effective ways to curb abortions. Legalizing abortion has only caused the numbers to rise for reasons unrelated to rape, incest, severe birth defects, and to save the life of the mother. We have discovered that if a questionable and violent solution to unwanted pregnancy is made legal, people will use it. If people who are tempted are told it is not killing they will believe that, too. Nothing is really going to bring down abortion deaths besides illegalizing it again except for such reasons as incest, rape, and severe birth defects, and threat to life of the mother. 95 perent of abortions are not performed now days for those reasons.
People thought people just might outgrow slavery too, but they showed no signs of doing so until they were forced to give it up! The press has often denigrated abstinence. Sometimes we can risk pregnancy with extraneous birth control, but sometimes we absolutely cannot have a child without grave hardship, and for this holy abstinence is the only sure prevention besides the violent solution of abortion.
Holy abstinence to me is far superior to unholy blood shed of the innocent fetus.
In order to embrace the killing of the fetus the pro choice faction has had to deny how serious it is to take life. They keep talking about a woman's right to chose what to do with her body, and a fetus is a separate entity and it is only a matter of semantics to deny that the child in that early stage is not 'alive.' The woman is responsible for the sex that caused conception, and she does have the 'choice' of seeing that conception does not happen even if she has to abstain when she does not believe she can afford a child.
With legalized abortion we stopped asking women to be responsible in a rational and logical manner. "A woman's right to choose what to do with her own body" is a propaganda slogan, no more or less, highly effective, designed to cause women to become emotional and indignant without deep thought which is what propaganda is designed to do.
It is time to reactify these questionable tactics by abortion advocates by opening back up the abortion debate to allow thinking to take place from many sources. Around 48 million abortion deaths since 1973 should be enough to convince any thinking people we need more thinking about abortion, more opinions from every source, more people to get passionately involved in saving these lives.
Irresponsible childbearing is a man and woman problem not a fetus problem, but in an abortion it is the fetus that pays the price. The fetus is innocent of all wrong doing and lack of responsibility. We need to put the blame for unwanted pregnancy on the adults, and they are the ones who need to find other ways to solve the problem besides killing their own children conceived irresponsibly.
We do not have a totalitarian government, so we should not support totalitarian birth control that requires killing to accomplish. Totalitarian practices made to sound harmless with illogical propaganda that lead to many deaths can creep into any country and flourish if the people do not perceive them and are not determined to root them out. America has always stood for freedom and equal rights to everybody. We need to give back the fetus the right to life. After conception it takes bloodshed and violence to kill the fetus. That should be enough to convince any American that abortion does not stand for freedom in America. 48 million children killed by legalized abortion since '73 is unAmerican."
As soon as this is posted I am going to respond to comment by one who calls herself a liberal that she has never learned anything from a church! Wow! What a statement. I have read Catholic Saint stories by the ton, whenever I could get them. The brilliance of some Catholic thinkers was I thought acknowledged by everyone. I have gone to a number of churches, sometimes for months when what they had to offer was very compelling. I was raised a Mormon and most of my family in Utah remained Mormon. Some are inactive, some are very active. I have read many books written by women, especially, who were raised in polygamy and became convinced it was not right. I have read many histories, diaries of value by Mormon historians. I have in my cupboard now a truthful and honest account I believe of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, a black day in Mormon history for which they have been vilified ever since. Juanita Brooks, this historian, is respected by non Mormons as well. A person's own ignorance is not a good justification to reject all 'church' thinking, but some people do it. People now days tend to try to get out of reading anything of any length at all. Kids play video games for hours instead of reading! The more you read, the faster reader you become, and above all the better informed about an issue. A nation of video game players and people who cannot stand books is a pretty frightening prospect.

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vooman's voice said...

The enormity of the abortion issue that has been sanctioned by law with some many babies ending up dead is a black cloud hanging over America, just like Hitler trying to eradicate the jews or the terrible massacre in Africa. The only differance is that is happening one by one in clinics all over America. I don't care how many times times it is aruged it still comes back to the simple fact that that mother, along with others, agreed to kill her own child... grow within her. If she had not killed it it would be living still.
You are absolute right Gerry for trying to stop this slaughter. If it is not stopped America will soon be taken over by more kind hearted people who keep their children and populate the world.


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