Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog templates, making videos, writing controversial blog entries, and related subjects

You may have noticed I have been changing the template trying to get the one most pleasing to my eye. I am going to try this one out. I want the headline to stand out as this one does, and the blog list to start down a ways from the top. I can't see color on my computer so I have to go down to Doc's and check out the color scheme. I had green yesterday, but the green print was so faint I could not read it, so I decided that had to go. I am also left-handed so I decided to change the blogging space to the right. Does that make sense? No, but most people are right handed and they have their blog space on the left. So should I not have mine the opposite?
I apologize for the rock music background being too loud on Dante's video, as it is hard to hear him. I got him to turn it down some and then he wouldn't budge. So I didn't make a fuss, thinking he would learn more from seeing it. Doc told him down to his apt when we put it on his big TV screen he would need to mute the background more. Doc was stubborn when we first started and insisted on having loud background music, but he has come around. I didn't want Dante to remember this video session as a conflict over loud music. So he learned a lesson about background music, but he also learned that he could take charge of a video, if he had his thoughts together, and tell you something.
Now let us consider blog entry length. I always analyze everything thoroughly, so that causes me to be too long winded for some people. When I write novels I edit them severely as I do not like long winded novelists generally speaking. I find that most of them have not edited the more boring sections out. If a novel is 700 pages long it better be well edited or I am going to skim it in certain places.
But there are also knotty issues that I think require thorough analysis, possibly again and again.
In this day and age most of the young people seem to find length anathema. But with age I think they will learn to appreciate analysts who are willing to go into depth on an issue, especially one as controversial as legalized abortion. Young people may not be ready to concede that such an issue demands depth analysis. In fact, I think acting on this issue without considering enough depth is what has caused the problem. It was ill considered opinions on the Supreme Court in an area where the Supreme Court had never gone before that changed the policy so drastically in our country, for the worse for these children that did not used to be in so much harm's way before '73 and Roe vs Wade. A lot of people didn't want to have to think about all the ins and outs of the results and accepted it. So overnight a gigantic rise in abortion deaths resulted, and most people have been saying that is all right ever since.

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