Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doc tries controlled drinking again as gift from tenant moving cheers

Which you and I know will not work, but it may keep him from DTs for a while, but what it will do is keep him thinking about drinking all the time, like a gambler who can't give up gambling. I think the problem is he is highly resistent to the idea of changing your life completely in that regard, so that you can really think about something else besides drinking.
Being a foodaholic you have to keep eating, so controlling your intake of certain kinds of food becomes your goal because you can't quit eating entirely. I suppose this is why people consider such procedures as stomach reduction and gastric bypass. Our manager for example who had become frighteningly obese finally went to a gastric bypass which has been highly successful for her. I know she was desperate when she did it, and her daughter was even more obese so she soon followed suit.
I was watching Oprah yesterday who had a doctor on there talking about the healthy heart. He asked her to come over to his stand and I was shocked to see that she had gained even more weight. She was all dressed in black and acted like she had not intended to show herself like that on camera. I would say she is having one heck of a time with weight right now.
I went to sleep and dreamed that I got on her show, but I did not even know I was going to be on it, it happened so fast, and I was trying to take it in. I was trying very hard to figure out why she has lost so much control of her weight problem.
I am a lot more encouraged about my weight now that I have become a vegan and my food choices are a lot more limited. Chips are my downfall right now. I need to stay away from them entirely. I am still wearing the same clothes but have not started going down, so they hang loose on me. That's my next goal. But I am being tempted! So what can I say to Doc who is obviously being tempted, too, and succumbing.
I talked to the man who sobered up with a miracle and he said his worst problem is getting bored. I said oh, I get bored, too! And that has often been the reason I ate. I have been going out in the patio every afternoon and talking to people. I know I can't initiate a more healthy preoccupation just sitting in my apartment alone. It won't happen. I am surprised at how much better I feel if I just talk a little while to some neighbors.
The smokers all go out front to smoke which is another difficult vice to quit. In the patio they are more apt to be out there walking their dogs or just taking in the out of doors.
I was disappointed in Doc for alittle while. I couldn't help it. I am sure you are disappointed, too, with the difficulty of his problem, but I have the choice of distancing myself which I am doing when his problem starts depressing me too much. He just sits in his apt. and watches TV.
I also shampooed my old carpet. I decided I could not hurt it, so I did it with a sponge mop. It looks considerably better and was quite good exercise.
Someone moving also dropped a big ottoman right in front of me out in the patio and said you or anybody can have this. I went and got a cart to move it on. It is in very good condition and will turn my big recliner into a couch as much as possible because of its height. It is just want I wanted. I 'ordered' it months ago which is what I do with recycling. I send thoughts of what I want out into the airways. How else could someone with an ottoman to give away stop and dump it off at the exact time I was out in the patio and say, 'you can have this?" I was startled. This is called synchronicity. It is beyond being a coincidence. In fact I had told Jeff if he ever saw one being given away I wanted one. I regard this gift as a sign of the power of the mind! A good omen.


Ann said...

Oh Dear...I'm also afraid that won't work. It is hard to think that good things can happen when they don't for so long. Quitting anything is not an easy process...controlled habits seem to be just beyond many. We eat. We drink. We do pills and drugs.
We gamble. We sleep around. We lose our tempers and hit (not our fault..just the fault of the person who made us mad.) Another day to find control.

Connie said...

Oooh ooh -I love your new gift..beautiful--glad you got your wish.... You gotta love Doc as he is flaws & all...he is who he is and ain't changing those stripes --he earned em...Lordy we both quit smoking about 6 years ago-I smoked 4 PACKS a day..but not a day-a minute-a second goes by that I don't want one..if hubby said he didn't care-I should think I'd make a beeline to the nearest place that sells them and pop one of those babies in my mouth the second it was paid I feel better NOT smoking-Hell Yes,,but that does not stop my wanting them..and I was 40 pounds lighter before I quit!!!!

Connie said...

P.S. Went to Beauty In Art-saw the baby--it was so darling--I just had to name it "TINA"


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