Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two sisters now blogging: Check my bloglist and take a look!

The above photo is of the five of us. From left to right we are posed according to age. First my mother, me, Margie (nurse), LaRae, Ann,(school teacher) and Linda. We were attending my niece Cheryl's wedding, oldest daughter of LaRae who is now fifty, so you know this was taken a long time ago. Sister Ann's blog is called Kanyonland King. Our maiden name was King. She has started with a poem about growing up in the wild west which I am sure you will love. Linda's blog is Vooman's Voice and in her second entry she writes about the death of a famous poet, Harold Norse, as she has written a good deal of poetry and has interacted with many poets, including the late Charles Bukowski. In another entry, she talks about the troubling aspects of our medical plan for seniors which up to now has failed her in quite a disturbing way. In the last entry she talks about whether to blog or not. My sister Linda is also a dreamer of dreams and has documented them and studied dreams foretelling the future of which she has had a number. I was most struck by a dream she kept having of extreme violence in Rawanda where her daughter was sent in the Peace Corps. She kept telling me she was dreaming about murderous men hitting one another with dangerous sticks which turned out to be machetes. I dismissed her dreams because I thought surely they wouldn't send her daughter to an unsafe country, but when the fighting between the two tribes broke out, her daughter was barely evacuated before the massacre began.
My middle sister LaRae, and the tallest one, passed over 20 years ago, but she is still with us in spirit in many ways. My sister Margie the nurse started a blog called Marge and only wrote one entry before she was beset with foot surgeries. She is still recovering, but she has had an extremely varied and long career in nursing so I am sure she will hit her stride as a blogger at a later date.
I welcome my sisters to the blogging world because of all the discussions we have had over the years which I am sure will help them to be good bloggers. I know my sisters will eventually give the blogging world some good thinking! Welcome aboard sisters!

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Nelishia said...

I'm glad they're here too. I will visit them as well. I know this has been a long time coming. That picture is such a treasure! I love seeing you all. I think I am similar to Linda in that I have very revealing and fortelling dreams that I have written down since I was a young girl and sometimes even drawn them. When other people tell me their dreams, often I just 'know' the interpretation and so far with accuracy.

That was fascinating about Linda's daughter barely escaping Rwanda. I watched the HOTEL RWANDA movie and cried too much. I also saw a play in Midtown Atlanta in 04 or 05based on the massacre. I can't remember the name of it just now but it was more breathtaking than the movie.


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