Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great news from Utah: play a success second night

Even more people came, more natives and relatives, who did not want to travel the steep road by 4-wheel drive to the top of the ledge. Raymond and Dan built a stage during the week, which does not surprise me at all, because that is how Raymond acts when he is doing theater.
But I want to leave the rest of the story for him to tell in his blog. He said he and Dan have to go to Cedar to get supplies to fix the hot water heater, as they are tired of not having hot water. So I dont know when you will hear the story of the Hills and Hollows performance in his blog. If he leaves anything vital out then I will tell you.
He talked to older brother Gary Saturday and was alarmed because he was running around moving out of his house on Rock Wren and was actually out of breath. Which does not surprise me either given how Gary has acted for years. He told me once that to him, working was going as fast as you possibly could for 8 hours. I had commented on how fast he tore around how when he came with a backhoe to dig out some trenches for my sister Linda. Anyway, Raymond tried to slow him down. He said Gary still disputes that he actually had a heart attack. I could see when I talked to him he was in doubt even though he had to have 2 stents. No, he did not have the killer heart attack thank goodness. But he certainly had an attack on his heart's vital function with blockages.
Raymond said his younger brother Dan was a great help in building out the stage at Hills and Hollows that did not yet exist.
But the most exciting news of all for me was he is going to be reading "Happy Hello, Sad Goodbye" in his acting class during the summer. He has announced to them that next year he will be directing it for the summer theater show. In the meantime, he is thinking about other places he can take his one man show focused on his dad. His dad's sister came and he said cried throughout. He had lived with her so long, his disappearance was devastating to her. He said he dedicated the show at the end to her.
So the shows must go on!


Connie said...

That is sad about his sister crying thru the whole thing---
That is great that he is going to do Happy Hello, Sad Goodbye!!
BTW -that banner looks great :-)

Amrita said...

Glad to hear it went well.

Barb said...

Sorry I have not been by your blog in a while. I haven't been doing a lot or reading or writing in my own blog regularly for months. Seems like it took forever to get over my illness last fall and now battling multiple diabetic ulcers & recovering from the foot surgery which also got infected. Seems you have been keeping as busy as ever!So sorry to hear about your son's health. Am sending good thoughts to you & yours. Take good care.
Barb (queenb)


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