Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sad death of a woman from pneumonia, only 34, daughter of a blogger, Sherry

I went to Call for Support and found a very sad story had unfolded. A blogger who has multiple sclerosis herself reported her daughter's terrible case of pneumonia and in a few days she was dead! I can relate to this story because my ex's mother died at a very young age of pneumonia leaving 5 children of which he was the youngest. But this was back in the days when there were no antibiotics. It's is hard to believe that nothing could save her, but it can happen when the pneumonia is swift and very bad. And a life time of mourning can result as happened in my ex-husband's case. His father virtually abandoned him after his mother's death, so he became practically an orphan.
Check out Word Salad on my blog list now and the story of Nicole, as I really liked her mother Sherri's approach to life, and I feel so bad she has been hit with such a tragedy. It behooves us all not to underestimate pneumonia.


Sugar said...

yes, i've already been over. very sad indeed, she was a beautiful young woman.
gerry, i received the 2 books you sent & have started to read one. ty dear friend.

Missie said...

It's so sad!

Nelishia said...

This is very common and so sad. I'll check out the blog and leave my condolences too.
My mother's mother died when she was only 2 days old from pneumonia leaving behind four boys and my mother, a newborn infant during the depression. Her father called his sister to come and get my mother and she raised her as her own daughter.
As you know very well sometimes certain types of pneumonia don't respond at all to 'simple' anti-biotics.
I am terribly sorry for Sherry's loss. They must all be devastated.

Ann said...

She seems very young to die of pneumonia dispite the MS. Maybe she had the swine flue virus...they have declared it pandemic now. Something more serious...but losing someone so young is hard.

Amrita said...

So soory to read this Gerry.

People are suffering all over the world.Painknocks at everyone 's door.We just have to live by faith trusting in the Creator.

Thank you for the 2 books you sent. I got them safely today. I like your choice of literature.

My uncle died of pneumonia, 2 yrs ago he was 82. Lived a full life and had many medical problems too.


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