Saturday, June 6, 2009

To blog or not to blog: discussion on family site

The photo is of me and my four sisters at a younger age. Whenever we had a family gathering a photo with all five of us standing in a line, sometimes with our mother, was obligatory. LaRae, the middle sister, (in photo, too) is no longer on the earth with us, but we make a point to include her in everything. Somebody posted a photo of her most of us had not seen and it was kept on the front page of the family site for weeks which made it seem like she was right there with us.
Right now, in fact, is a good time to ask her what she thinks.
LARAE: Thanks for thinking of me. I was just itching to get into that there discussion this morning and tell everyone don't pass up any chance to communicate to the world, as it will come in mighty handy when you get here.
GERRY: Do you get discouraged trying to get through to us back on the earth?
LARAE: Do I ever! We are always having big discussions up here on how we can get our earthlings' attention, especially when a tornado of sorts is coming their way. We practically scream and jump up and down.
GERRY: You are just kidding. Folks, LaRae was a big jokester.
LARAE: Then the cosmos played a big joke on me and said death is for real which I did not believe up until then. It is funny how you think you are going to live forever until something ups and kills you.
GERRY: LaRae died of cancer but she did not have long to fight it before it took her.
LARAE: It was always too late to save me, that is when I found out I had it.
GERRY: I thought we were going to talk about blogging.
LARAE: I am blogging while I have a chance. You are one of the few people who gives me a chance to speak. That's better than a photo as I have a lot to say.
GERRY: Oh, what is that?
LARAE: All your boyfriends who keep dying want to talk to me. They want to be my best friend like they were your best friends.
GERRY: Do you have any objection? Send them on their way if they get to be a nuisance.
LARAE: Oh, I do. I tell them that you won't be along for awhile and I have to go. Now that Doc is threatening to kick the bucket, and I am probably the first one he will look up.
GERRY: I told him and told him he will not get the time of day from me, let alone from you if he drinks himself to death.
LARAE: We are not too fond of the substance abusers here. Anything but that. What a hard way to die.
GERRY: I am trying to keep from eating myself to death.
LARAE: Thanks but bilimia also helped do me in. However I do not think there is any danger of you trying that.
GERRY: There is no danger of me trying anything unpleasant.
LARAE: I wanted to tell you that when no one seems to be reading your blog think of me and a few other spirits pouring over it. We always read anything that will help us in our work to connect to the living and help them get over here when their time comes, or not get over here if there is no reason they should not live a few more years.
GERRY: Okay. That's encouraging. So you would like the other sisters to blog?
LARAE: Atleast they should discuss on the family site. Maybe asking them to blog is going too far. Only if they are up to it. I always read the family site anyway.
GERRY: I think blogging is one of the strongest ways to communicate there is. Because you have to keep thinking what you can say that will reach people, make them think, respond, write.
LARAE: That's why we like it It saves lives! Less work for us. Go after all those substance abusers. Get them blogging
GERRY: I use video blogging to hold off Doc's death. I think it has worked some. He loves to make videos.
LARAE: Thanks for including me. I need to go now. I feel someone somewhere needing my help. Ta Ta


Connie said...

LaRae is a special person-even though she's on the other side.
I would love to have known her..hey-LaRae-I shall look you up heads up gal...

Rhapsody said...

Blessings, this is positively delightful entry. I am glad I dropped in from my browse through bloggersville. Keep blogging and I will be back. In fact I am going to my Blogology Walk right now. Take care and do stay blessed.

Ann said...

Glad to have LaRae join in as we still miss her. I hope she and Jewel are discussing their earth-bound relatives. Jewel did keep an eye on her acting-out brothers.
She will still try keeping them alive! There must be big problems to unravel in that spirit world, as well as this one.

Ann said...

Like the outfit!

Rhapsody said...

Blessings & Congratulations, I am presenting you with a LOVELY BLOG AWARD. Please pass it on by selecting 5 people of your choice to extend the award. Kindly come by my blog and pick up your award. Thank you.

Amrita said...

Lovely photo Gerry, you look so smart.

You must miss Larae so much

I love looking at old photos and remembering the days gone by

salemslot9 said...

my hair is long
like yours was then


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