Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dante makes a video by himself--and other matters

Dante wanted to come for one last visit before he goes to California on his summer vacation and his dad, my son Dan, goes to Utah to help Raymond put on his show. He wanted to make a video, so I suggested that he really do it by himself this time and gave him a few suggestions. He was ready. He ran the camera and made this video, the content of which rather surprised me. But you got to remember Dante was the only kid for years in his mother's family, so he started life off talking like a teenager which his mother was. Dan came home from the navy after 3 years and being my youngest had not been around any little kids. It is funny how kids will talk raised that way. He has made me laugh a lot of times with what he would come up with. Anyway this video made me laugh and Doc wanted him to come down and see himself on his big screen TV. That was quite startling, but I think Dante is getting more comfortable with performing on camera and now he is getting ideas about what he wants to talk about! Enjoy. (I did not try to censor him for fear of dampening his creative fires, I just said no swearing, obscenity, etc.)

Read Cowboys and Bohemians, Raymond's blog, to get an account of how he and his truck met up with a deer on a mountain road and the truck was much the worse for it. I called his other brother Gary to tell him, and he had rather good news. They have received and accepted an offer on their big house which was keeping Gary broke to pay the mortgage on it, when his ex wife ran out of money and couldn't get a job. Gary had been on a tour of smaller Arizona cities checking out jobs he could bid on. The company he works for is going out of town now to keep in jobs. Dan's job is slowing almost to a standstill in July, so he decided to take a leave of absence and go to Utah. So that's the family job report.
I watched a good horse race at the Belmont Stakes. Mine that Bird was quite fractious when he was making his walk. I thought oh, oh, he is using up precious energy, and I think that he may have gotten overanxious about winning after two big races and much hoopla to the point it affected the win for him, but he has still run 3 very good races. I thought the jockey on Summer Bird handled that horse extremely well and deserved the win.
Sunday night I watched the Tonys on Doc's big TV screen which is the only way to see the big musical numbers in this show. The "Hair" revival won and they had a wild number. I enjoyed all the performances very much. I was surprised to see that Constantine who got kicked off early on American Idol got a nomination in a Rock Musical, so he proved he has talent right there. Doc drank too much, so this will not be a regular occurrence, watching on his TV. I will go back to strictly morning visits.
I have put a new blog on my blog list you might visit as this person has written a very lucid discussion of the recent murder of George Tiller. Her blog is called No Apology Round 2. I have also placed a link on my blog list to another video about this matter done by Illuminati Truth. He is black and I think he brings up many objections he has to legalized abortion that I share.


Katie said...

I like the new look on your blog! Green is a great color :)

Missie said...

I can actually see Dante growing up these past few months.

Have a good night.

Amrita said...

Sorry Gerry, because of the rock music i could not understand what Dante was sayomg..

Wishing him a good holiday.

Thank you for your email.

Connie said...

Slow Ride 'HAS" to be heard loud,LOL..but not while someone is talking..I only caught a word or two here and there...and my mind was singing the song,LOL.
But he exudes confidence...


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