Monday, June 1, 2009

Doc has been sober three days which is a historic event

Other news is that I talked to Raymond and he has his dog! He is also coming down next week to pick up my youngest son Dan to take him back up there, since his employment is pretty much ending for the summer. He is going to try to develop his one man show to take on the road and will need someone to run the special effects, including music, photos, and videos. They may go to Austin Texas after the work is all done this summer in Boulder. Raymond has two play dates in Boulder this month. He said he was starting acting classes tonight! He is still singing for his supper. He said he had spent the night before playing with an Australian rock band. Gee, who will end up in Boulder next. I am sure he will get around to blogging somewhere in between but I don't know when. Oh, Flash! As I speak he posted an entry. See Cowboys and Bohemians on my blog list.

I have been trying to figure out why a blog does not show a feed. I think the reason Lisa's does not who writes Please Dont Take Life For Granted is because she has always used large print and I don't think the feed can pick large print up. But go there anyway as she is so ill right now she really needs your support even though she keeps on truckin' and finding things to be happy about in her amazing way. I also want everyone to see Connie's photographs of her country place, it is so green and beautiful there, and her flower photos are so lush and lovely, but her blog Connies Photos does not show a feed which may delude people into thinking she is not active. Until Connie can get the possible reasons for her Windswept Whispers showing a feed and her Connie's Photos not, she sent me a snag for me to click to go there. I did click it and it went there.
I love feeds. Some people are very creative in their headlines and sometimes I see one and rush over there to see what happened they are that intriguing. Like when I saw Lisa's "itsy bitsy spider" headline and couldn't imagine. Unfortunately the news was bad as she has been bitten by a brown recluse spider. She has not posted since in her blog Life on a Bison Farm, but I do hope she is doing okay. Okay, here is Connie's click me, but now it does not take you to her photos. Connie it takes me to my photobucket account now. What did I do wrong? Well, go to the bottom of my blog list instead and you will see Connies Photos to click. Oh by the way I hope you loved her vase of lilacs snag as much as I did. I love everything about lilacs including their sweet perfume. I will be posting that beautiful bouquet of lilacs on entries to come, I like it that much.


Sugar said...

congrats to doc for 3 days.
glad raymond has his dog, good luck to him & dan.
i get the feed from connies tag journal & visit it. as for lisa, i forget about her blog a lot, not getting the feeds...have asked her to send out a mass email with ea new update, the way private blogs do...but seldom get one from her. when i do, i visit.
a prayer for her.
hope you have a good week.

Sugar said...

also a prayer for lisa at bison farms, hope she's ok.
as for the click me tag, you may want to edit & remove it & it goes to photobucket!

Missie said...

Keep it up Doc! You can do it!

Have a good week!

Carlene Noggle said...

Gerry, I know you are so proud of Doc...I know how hard it must be for him and how scared he must have been during the time he was sick. Maybe yall can do videos relating to his alcohol dependency and how he has struggled with it and now being sober...I am sure it would help ALOT of people who are in the same situation.
I want to congratualte Doc on being sober three days and also I also want to tell you Gerry that I am so proud of how you have stuck by Doc...always trying to help him.
love ya,

Ann said...

Doc is talking...and laughing! He makes funny comments and I just enjoyed the hell out of this video.
If this is three days, what will he be like in a week? Don't backslide, Doc, you are on your way. I'm pulling for you too!
There are sober men who think grouchy is manly...what do I do to convince him, it's not?

Amrita said...

Congrats Doc, you can stay that way.

Good to hear that and both of you look good in the video.

Happy to hear that you enjoyed the India videos.

sober white women said...

I think a lot of us are singing for our super now a days. LOL
I am getting my feed, but some blog's make my computer shut down if I try to comment. It is so strange.

Connie said...

Proud of ya Doc!!


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