Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off we go to the Farmer's Market but Doc is discouraged by long line

He returned home but I stayed the course and came home with some delicious fresh produce. I was happy to see so many people buying good fresh vegetables. I bought tomotoes on the vine, yellow summer squash, fresh salsa, fresh cucumbers, and corn on the cob. I made pototo, corn off the cob, and green bean salad with roasted poblemo pepper in it, chopped chives, and wine vinegar, olive oil and Dijon mustard dressing for Dante. Dante said it was the best potato salad he ever ate and then he hit a hot poblemo pepper, first really hot one I have encountered. There must have been one pepper that was really hot out of 4. I roast them on high and then put them in a plastic bag to steam before I take the seeds out and peel off the skin. I sent his poor hard working Mom home a container and gave one to Doc who said he put lemon pepper on his and it was delicious. I used to be known for my potato salad with mayo, but this is a more healthy vegetarian salad, and now I want to be known for it.
Daughter Ronda came and she and Ethan visited for two hours. She bought pizza purchased just down the street, veggie for me. Dante and Ethan enjoyed playing a game together. Dante went home last night and I got a call from him very early this morning saying his mom could not take him out to Ronda's, which is 40 miles north, so we agreed she could drop him off here next Wednesday and we would go to the movies for his birthday, since we did not go yesterday. Now to pick a movie! He is kind of up in the air with his dad gone. His mom wants him to wait here until after his birthday to go to California. Moving time is hectic, but once his dad gets himsself established a little in Boulder, he and Dante can possibly make it up there together another summer and his dad can take him out fishing and trail walking. But his dad needs to pave the way first. Raymond has to see what he can do with his one man show, kind of a memorial for his disappearing dad. (never been found) My youngest son Dan has not been to the land of his ancestors but two or so days for years. This will be the longest stay he has had up there.
Dante will be all right once his mom gets moved and settle down, as he is used to spending summer in California with his Aunt Stephanie, who has to be a living saint, the way she cares for her murdered brother's children, Dante's mother Angelina and two others. Her other sister who had a nervous breakdown and gave up her kids lives with Stephanie off and on. Her brother who was once on drugs goes over there to see his aunt and uncle quite regularly.
Sadly Angelina's mother is back on drugs and living with a guy who deals drugs. She got government benefits when her husband was murdered while in the service, so her check attracts druggie BFs and because of long time off and on drug use she is not able to resist. Angelina was so upset she did not speak to her mom for a long time with this latest BF. This has been the story of their lives, her mom back on and off drugs with different BFs. Her mom called me up and told me her daughter would not speak to her. She actually sounded like she had just taken a hit, on the phone, but when I said I guess it is her fear of the drugs, and she said, oh no, I wouldn't do that. I know she would, so I thought well there is no use talking to her if she isn't going to tell the truth.
I remember one time she had a druggie BF who was also beating her up. He put her in the hospital and after she got out she went to the homeless shelter. She came to see Angelina and was going to walk down to the homeless shelter. Dante was insisting on going with her, and could not. He was about 8 years old. But he seemed very worried about her having to go live in a shelter, so he kept running around us and going with her. I finally walked with her and him clear to the shelter. She told him she had to go now and kids were not allowed here. He watched her climb the stairs all the way up before he would leave. I felt sad to think he was so worried about her, but he was raised in her home with her tending him about ten hours a day when his mom went to work.
Dan just called and we talked about his car and so on. He does not know how long he will be up there but will probably come back to Phoenix after he has done whatever he needs to in Utah. He does need to make sure he is not away from his son too long at this crucial age, 14. He said the sky is overcast, but tonight is the show. He took Angelina's phone number, I think, so he can call and talk to Dante so he won't get too agitated.
Ethan is in a much more stable home. His dad was just promoted to the job of General Manager of the plant where he works with about 250 employees. He has always been one of the most disiplined guys I know. Jamal has not been able to get a summer job before he goes to the University, but his mother Ronda also has a good paying job as a nurse. Ethan and Jamal both are much calmer than Dante who has had a lot more ups and downs in his life.


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Glad you had fun in the market. Have a blessed Sunday and a fabulous week ahead.

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Very interesting entry and some sadness there too. I think you must be a very good cook and a heathful one too.


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