Monday, June 29, 2009

I have been so busy today; draw up a seat and I will tell you what I have been doing

Well, first of all Sister Ann could not get dashboard on her new blog, nor did it have a sign in so she accidentally created another blog, but forgot to save it, so she could not find it again. Her old blog is on my blog list, but I guess her new blog did not save for me to find either, so I spent about an hour on the phone trying to tell her what to try. Finally her daughter showed up from VanCouver Washington and she is going to try to get her to help her get her blog going. My nurse sister got on the family site and said this was all too complicated for her.
Then Connie sent me this new gadget to try so I did. How do you like? I hope I installed it right. I like to try new things and so does she. It was fun. Of course I got this beautiful header of the bird from her.
Then I spent hours writing a new blog entry for my g4life blog on AZ Cental. I have to blog while the abortion subject is in the news due to the legislature passing restrictions, as I am getting comments down there that keep me jumping, literally, sometimes in pain.
I did not copy and paste my g4life entry in this blog because it was too long, and the comments were all too long, especially mine. I will post entries in my blog spot on this subject from time to time in what I think is a timely manner. I just put a link on my blog list. At the very top you will see a little photo of me. Click on my g4life blog and it will take you to my profile and blog list. My sister Ann is a regular visitor.
Then I went down to the lobby, met up with and talked to my poor dear Stacy, a young woman here who is pain and agony from back surgery. Her back went only a month ago, and the MRI showed a broken vertebrate, and she does not know when it happened, so my guess was it cracked as she fainted in the street a while back and she said she hit hard and a month ago she sat down hard on the floor and that was when it started killing her. It has been a month after surgery which they did immediately because her leg was going numb and she is still in terrible pain.
Then I went to the video library to see if Debbie felt better who is always working and serving in there. I think the least I can do is check on her every day if I do not spend time volunteering. I told her I hated that volunteer job, I have done it, and don't want to do it again.
Then I argued with a few more people about tenant organization affairs, came home, ate some dinner--a squash casserole I bought to a Mexican place, and here I am. I am trying to keep busier, interact with people and challenge myself a little more, and stay away from Doc when he has gotten inebriated in the afternoon. I feel happier already so I think it is working!


Connie said...

well this is a new one on me -i put the same thing on my Photos blog and had no problem I will check into it and let you know if I figure it out

Connie said...

will send in a e-mail as it will not let me post HTML here in the comments,LOL

Connie said...

Ya-Hoo- will make new ones when I can-if you have something you want one to say--just tell me..hope Doc is doing alright without you spending time with him,I fear left to himself he will be sorrowful..but I understand what you mean you don't need pulled down with the stress.

sober white women said...

O.K. I am worn out now! You are a very busy lady. I do hope that you get blog this worked out.


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