Friday, June 26, 2009

I cried through the movie, "My Sister's Keeper"

There was so much sadness in the world today with Farrah Faucett's and Michael Jackson's deaths, and I was still shaken from Gary's heart problem, so I decided to go see this movie, even though I knew it was sad, too. I followed the case when it was in the news, and I don't know how close the movie stayed to the real life story, but I thought Nick Cassevetes who directed "Notebook" did a good job. Nick Cassevetes is the son of movie makers John Cassevetes and Gina Rowland and I read today in the paper that he related to this story because he had a daughter with a heart defect. The story is about a mother who is so determined to keep her daughter with chldhood leukemia alive that she goes along with her doctor's idea that her only chance to live longer is with a bone marrow donor related to her. Neither her parents or her brother are a match, so he tells the parents it might be possible with today's technology to genetically engineer a donor match in an invitro fertilization. Unbelievably the doctors are able to do it, and the little girl that is born spends the next eleven years giving her sister what she needs in 11 different sometimes very painful procedures. Finally her kidneys fail and her mother wants the little sister to sacrifice a kidney to save her sister. But I am not going to spoil the suspense by telling you any more of the story.
I thought a lot of the acting was very touching, well done. Or this movie would not have been so emotionally moving. It was a movie about some very hard choices when a terrible disease is involved. If you go take your kleenex! You will cry.


Paula said...

Sounds very heart rendering. I haven't been to our movie theater but once since I have lived out here. It has four screens but is only open certain times of day. Maybe more now that the kids are out for summer. Hope your son does very well with his recovery.

Amrita said...

This certainly appears to be a good movie to watch although emotionally moving. I find anything related to death and sickness disturbing as I am dealing with the suffering.

Regret to loss of MJ. fine musican. He could have lived longer had he taken care.

Have Myelin? said...

I don't think I'm ready for such a movie. My daughter was an organ donor and it does help me to know a part of her lives on in others. Especially her beautiful blue eyes....

Most of her other organs failed but there were still viable things they could use.

I'll save this for another time. She actually broke up with a man over this issue- he refused to donate his organs and she was really MAD. I still laugh about that but wow, she really had an "opinion" on the issue. :-)

Nelishia said...

I have thought about going to see this movie but I think as a parent I don't know how I'd handle it. I watched the story unfolding in the news as well. No one speaks to or of the first Invitro Child either. She should be about 32 now.


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