Friday, June 26, 2009

How do you act after a heart attack?

I called my son Gary last night at home to find out how he was acting. He assured me he was taking his 5 meds now. The pharmacy did not have his plavix prescription so he even called the cardiologist and had him call it in. He said he had prescribed it, but it disappeared somewhere along the line, but plavix is the medication he must take to keep the stent open and doing what it is supposed to do. He also has to take aspirin and three blood presssure pills. Gary also said that he had some chewing tobacco now as he is trying to quit smoking, and if he just can't stand the craving, he chews a little. He had not gone to work yet, but hired a mover because he has to be out of the house he and his ex wife just sold this weekend! He is looking at other houses, but will go to a motel and stay until he buys the house. He says for tax purposes he needs to put the money from the other house into another one.
He had to go to the office to get instructions from his boss who is going to be gone all next week. Gary does the bidding now, so won't have to work his body, just his brain. Although this may have been a problem because it is sedentary work compared to supervising a job out in the field where he walks all day.
He said a lot of members of the family called him which seemed to cheer him. I gave him the number of an older family member who has had 15 stents! He is in his late sixties now and still goes to work every day. Gary was 56 this year. Two of my uncles on my mother's side died of heart attacks younger than he is. They probably had high blood pressure, too, possibly inheriting it from their mother and my grandmother. My mother had low blood pressure even though she got heavy. And the slow heart beat of an athlete. But her heart beat got so slow in old age she had to have a pacemaker put in. I am learning more about the heart because of my son's attack, I must say. I am watching my diet! I hope he is able to change his lifestyle, too, after this sobering development.


sober white women said...

The VA did not want to fill my husbands Plavix. So I said "Look I am going to stand here and hold up this line until you give me a bottle of Plavix." I got the plavix and have not had a problem since.

Missie said...

How do you act?

I guess you just pull up your pants and get on with life with some major lifestyle changes thrown in there.

I'm glad he's home already. That's a good sign!!

Have Myelin? said...

I finally realized that d' had a blog. And that d' are having difficulties of your own.

I am very sorry to hear about your son.

How do you act? Like a mother. Just like you are a mother.


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