Thursday, June 4, 2009

Would you keep wearing these sandals if you fell down in them?

I stumbled over quite a thick mat placed in front of the entrance door of the Westward Ho this morning. I went forward on my knees but was able to get back up okay and proceed on my way. The problem is on one side the strap is a little tight on these rather expensive sandals and keeps my foot from extending as far into the sandal as on the other side. Only I don't know if the mat was too thick or I stumbled because of the shoe its self.
Now I have always been very rough on sandals and when I was young my big boned legs and feet would wreck havoc with sandals, even expensive ones, so now that I am older and going slower I have fallen in love with sandals!
I asked Doc if he thought I should give up these sandals just because I fell down in them. He said, why no I don't think so. He agrees that if I came to his door every morning in mountaineer boots or hightopped sneakers (I do have a pair of those) he might not let me in quite so readily. I have friends who walk a lot and they would never wear shoes like this. But my sneakers which were a $100 gift from my basketball son Dan hurt my foot on one side. I sent him back twice to get larger ones, and the last time he said he would not return them again when I wondered if they still weren't right. I should have gone myself because I have never been inclined to wear these shoes not only because they hurt but because they would have had to be a size 12 in women's size to fit me. That hurt my vanity so badly.
I could not wear high heels often either because of these big bones. Imagine an elephant in high heels.
Doc told me just to walk carefully. He after all has lived in Wal Mart sandals for years because of their low cost And he thinks HIS legs look prettier in sandals and shorts. I do not wear shorts but I do wear pedal pushers which is what I have on now. Thank god for pedal pushers.
I would not bother you about such a seemingly unimportant matter but when one falls down all the reasons for it become important. I could have fallen down in anything, it is true, if I hit a raised up mat just right.
These sandals are not ordinary thongs. They are expensive engineered ones, about the safest thongs you could buy which I was very lucky to find in a thrift store. So I guess I will tempt fate and wear them longer while looking for an even better pair of white sandals. Finding them in thrift stores takes time and persistence. I can't give up fashion for practicality as long as I can still walk. I love it too much!


Larena said...

It depends on how much you hate to fall down!! These sandals are very cute and I surely understand why you hate to give them up. I have sandals in every color but decided it was time to change my ways and bought some black Reboks to wear with black pants and jeans but I find I can hardly stand to wear them instead of my more fashionable shoes. Price doesn't help one if you stub your toe. I have a $200. pair of scrappy Cole-Haans I just love but a couple of years ago I took two tumbles and remembered I was wearing those shoes both times so I did give up wearing them I have tried to find someone in an 81/2 who loves them as much as I do. I thought about Linda then decided NO she falls down more than I do. I'm not tempting the fates too much nowadays. The woerst is working in the flower beds on this dangerous hill. Believe me I am cautious there. Part of the problem I think if that we just don't raise our feet as high as we used to. For the first time in my life I'm grateful for my big bones!!

sober white women said...

I like the sandles. Maybe give them another try and then if you still trip or don't like them, then get rid of them. I have shoes that I hate! LOL I finally got rid of them.

Ann said...

They look a little more solid than some flip-flops. Do you like those rubber type, what are they called that go across without the toe thing? Would those be better?
I wear that kind to the pool all the time and they seem pretty good for what I need (can get wet).
Be very careful...big bones can break.

Missie said...

I bet the fall was because of the matt not those sandles!

Have a good evening.

Miguel Torres said...

Good blog.

I would wear them. I think everyone should tempt fate a little bit! lol

Still, stay safe.

Connie said...

The part that comes up your foot is blocking your foot from bending right..I think you'd be better off barefoot...sorry but that is what it looks like to me...

Amrita said...

Those sandals are very pretty but don 't wear them if they are un comfortable and make you trip.


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