Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time to blog about abortion doctor's murder by abortion protester in Kansas

I spent all morning making a video and now I am prepared to blog about this difficult subject which still continues to be a big item in my newspaper, the Arizona Republic. A pro choice columnist was featured in an article which I will respond to after I write this. In it she exhorts protesters to confine themselves to non violent ways to try to change a law, which to me, is inherently violent. The doctor who was killed had also earned a reputation for doing late term abortions which are even harder to justify. I would say that when a law that allows killing of the fetus gets into the books it is incredibly hard to protest it. I, for example, wrote endless letters to the Arizona Republic protesting abortion propaganda as I viewed it that they published, and not one of those letters was ever published! I finally got one protesting letter published on this subject after 40 years of protesting, after the newspaper changed hands. So it is no wonder to me that an unstable protester with a violent streak might think of taking the law in his own hands and taking out someone he regarded as a murderer , instead of just protesting within 'non violent' limts.
I maintained from the very beginning that justifying the killing of the fetus would cause the violent and unstable to try to justify murder of small children, spouses, just anybody even more. In other words, making the killing of the fetus lawful erodes the idea of the sacredness of life. And I see my own society here in Phoenix as incredibly violent. I saw on the news that 11 murders have been committed in a week here, spouses and children included. So I say what have we wrought?
Over a million abortions a year which is a conservative number for this country is no small number of deaths by violence. Embracing abortion which is a violent solution must come at high cost eventually.
It is a little bit hard to be as indignant over anyone's death when abortion, even late term, is said to be lawful and within a woman's right to choose. It seems that a woman's right to choose has become more sacred than life its self, and that kind of logic does not make sense to me. I saw it as even more dangerous for the mother to embrace violent solutions because she is the one who might be most expected to instill non violence in her children.
I lived 40 years before legalized abortion so I am well acquainted with the problems, and I did a lot of thinking about solutions that were non violent. I think man can do a great deal otherwise thought impossible if there is conviction. You can even give up sex when there is conviction! So as not to have to commit a crime like abortion. Or even to cause your children to suffer because of irresponsible child bearing. I do believe that when religion became anathema for a lot of people there was also an embrace of violence in their solutions. Killing was no longer wrong if it was for a good cause! I am sure that Scott Roeder thought it was for a good cause when he killed George Tiller, the same way a mother has to think who goes to an abortion clinic.
Even our President Obama has I think carefully couched his talk about abortion so as not to offend the democratic party's large majority of abortion supporters as well as pro choice women everywhere. He reminds us that the decision to have an abortion must be a very hard one for a mother, suggesting she is going to suffer enough, without us adding to her suffering by declaring abortion as wrong. In other words, I believe he is suggesting we must give this desperate woman a way out of her dilemma without judging her. But at the price of the life of the child?
I think that may be why man invented God if he really does not exist. He needed someone to arbitrate when the conflict is so great. He invented divine justice in a higher court for all the innocent victims of murder who will never know justice in this life because they are dead. The fetus cannot speak for its self. When does God not call for hard choices? Have the child, preserve life. And you will be helped? Does that sound like a good solution to most? If you have not yet felt the need to invent God perhaps abortion is a lot more practical after you have gone and done it. I would suggest everyone invent the idea of God if they don't have a church they believe in, so that he can call attention to all sides to the question.
What do we do if bad laws are passed? Just accept them? Another hard choice, and a difficult God would probably say protest, because if you don't this law will not be changed, ever! You, you, have to believe that bad laws bring down civilizations from lack of moral conviction, and murder and lawlessness will run rampant.


Anonymous said...

G, I know your feelings on this(which differ from mine, largely), since we've debated it before, but I do not think I know how you feel about stem cell research. Do you approve of it or not?

Gerry said...

I was researching this a while back but have to say I don't approve of anything that must depend on the use of the embryo. I have not been asked this before so I don't have more facts to quote to you. I have gotten the impression that with a ban on the use of embryo for a while, it has been claimed that other sources were found to do the job. Whether this is true or not, I have not gone deeply enough to find out. Gerry

Anonymous said...

I just received your email answering my question....I have researched it a lot, one day it will be our cure for things like Diabetes & MS ~and on a different note, I find so many people who are against stem cell are for in vitro, which "wastes" plenty of potential "babies" if you look at it that way, so I could never understand being for one but not for the other.

hunybea4him said...

I have not had time to blog much less read much news about who shot Tiller the Kill. I can tell you as a somewhat active pro-lifer and a women who has gone threw an abortion I was shocked and KNOW this one person's act is going to make it much harder on the pro-life community... we are protried as nut jobs most of the time, I can only imagine what this one person's act is going to do for our cause. ANY prolife org. I know of has condemed the violence against doctors and the clinics. but with that being said.. I can see how this man may justify it in his own mind what he did was right and I can not say I am that much in morning for Tiller.. the sad part to me and I know it is not for me to judge but I am, is he is likely burning in hell and did not listen to the warnings that are sent to all men.
I really need to do my own blog on this and on the comments about the stem cell issue but how things are going prob wont get to it.

Much Love,

Amrita said...

I absolutely condemn this act just as i condemn abortion.

There are peaceful ways of protesting. Violence only begets violence,.

Gerry said...

I hope you will find some time to blog about this sad event, Mary. When an abortion protester kills an abortion provider it is always going to cast more darkness on the cause of pro life by alienating more people. (Frankand)Mary, it is very troubling to me the embryos that are 'wasted' with in vitro. I think we all got a horrifying look at some of the thinking along these lines when Octomom said she just couldn't let those embryos waste as she did not think she would have another prenancy so she has eight! I thought well there is a pro life believer for you! Gerry


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