Saturday, June 13, 2009

More on the death of a blogger's daughter and a pertinent blog, Brain Cheese

I went to do more research on the story of Nicole, the daughter, and her mother Sherry. I find Sherry to be a writer with a very entertaining writing style who has been struggling with MS. I learned that her daughter has been sick and in the hospital with jaundice, apparently something wrong with her pancreas. Sherry went down to Texas to see her and wrote that she had a dreadful cough. A short time later she was back in the hospital with double pneumonia. Her brother stayed with her until the end as he was the main one who gave her comfort. He had things to do and places to go but he put everything on hold when his sister became so ill. It sounds like they are Sherry's only children. There had been an acrimonious divorce and Sherry had left Texas. Well, I am getting to know this family, but I think Sherry is such a talented writer I put her on my blog list and will be following her life with sympathy and interest. How hard it is for a mother to lose a daughter only 34! I see she has a new entry in her blog WordSalad called Celebration of Nicole's life.
Through Sherry's blog I found another striking writer whose blog is called Brain Cheese which I just put on my list, too. She is also an MS sufferer, but to my surprise she has just written a long entry on the Tiller murder and related experiences with abortion, and since she had a boyfriend who was involved with Planned Parenthood she had experienced a great deal that was of interest to me concerning abortion protesters at clinics. I have always found this form of protesting so disturbing I did not want to take part in it. I was taken back to read her description and reaction to clinic protests. She is very frank about helping friends who desperately wanted an abortion. Well, go see for your self what you think of what she says. I believe that an account of a viewpoint as well written as this one even though it does not agree with mine should be read by everyone in the interest of getting a cross section of feelings about a very difficult issue.
My son Dan tried to teach me how to create a link in my blog to another one yesterday, but something is missing, so I could not give you one here. I will have to get further instructions on how to create these word links I find very useful. But you will find this entry easily by clicking on Brain Cheese as it is almost the current entry called: Dear Quantico/FBI:...


Malagutigrrl said...

Hi Gerry,
Haven't been around in a while even to my own blog. Busy with moving in and now getting busy with the wedding. Only 27 days left! Hope you are well.

Rhapsody said...

It is indeed difficult to lose a child. Having children of my own it is not a possibility I want to entertain. I know the reality, I simply refuse to go there.

Thanks for the visit i will visit the blogs suggested. YOu have a great Sunday and a fabulous week ahead.

Anonymous said...

I never went to the Mom's blog about this because I could not conjure up one thing to say. Sorry doesn't cut it. ~Mary


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