Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AZ legislaters want abortion waiting period Part 1-2)

Above is part 1 followed by part 2

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Ann said...

Good video's about the poor choice of abortion, even in the most extreme cases. Many believe that the man who murders babies should be murdered, obviously in the case of Dr. Tiller. I don't believe a man should be murdered, but I also don't believe he should be allowed to kill more and more babies. Murder is murder on both sides of that fence. I think the moment a child is conceived (again the poor choice of parents who don't want a baby), the life should be protected. Rather than abortion..don't get pregnant in the first place. Think, people, about the result of the choice made! That's where our focas should be with our millions of deaths per year...to get people to think first. Not to kill a child so the poor choice of parents who take the risk can have the future changed for them. Why should the child DIE to pay for their poor choices?


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