Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Having trouble with my blog g4life disappearing from AZ Central

After a rough day, I decided to put Connie's header on to start my blog out on a cheerful note. When I wrote a response to the My Turn article of objection on the proposed abortion waiting period in the Arizona Republic, I could not help being hostile. After so many years of pro choice bias, not enough opposing arguments have been published so there is no basis for a pro life writer to build protests on. Pro choice advocates have lost the ability to see the logic of the opposition because the newspapers have opted many years ago to end the conflict. Then I would say they deliberately did not print any more pro life arguments except for a token few to try to convince readers this was all that was coming in. Pro life protesters had given up and conceded victory to their superior pro choice forces, but there is a big difference in giving up and being shut out. It was like don't bother to write any more pro life arguments to the paper because we are tired of them and won't print them anymore. They were now going to be law abiding because they had gotten what they wanted, legalized abortion, and we all should quit objecting.
Right then and there is to me when the newspapers started to lose the integrity that had kept them such a big force in people's lives for years despite mistakes they made. They got arrogant enough to think they could get away with being biased, with considering only what they wanted to consider, and a great abyss began to open up, first of all between the liberal media and religions like the Catholic Church. The sharp criticism leveled at church thinking caused 'secular' to be the way to go. Does God even exist, certainly not like religions say he does. Sophisticated secular intellectuals embraced pro choice, but their sharp minds failed to consider that there are innocent victims in abortion, and innocent victims the newspaper writer heroes were always sworn to protect.
Defending abortion doctors like George Tiller soon became the job of the pro choice media, thus they were headed toward a huge collision with not only the churches but even the American people. The American people are not stupid and know that a late term abortion is quite possibly as much of a murder as the killing of the child just out of the womb at 2 months. We have had quite a few babies that young murdered here in Phoenix this last year in some horrible trend. Both take blunt force trauma, and if the intellectuals fancy they can still make their arguments stick that this should be a woman's right to choose, but not of course her right to choose if the child is out of the womb even a month or two. Before it is okay up to 9 months because legalized abortion allows abortion up to birth if anyone is determined to do it. And pro choice people are constrained to defend their choice, late or not. But some abortion doctors like Tiller obviously didn't see a lot of difference in age between a first trimester and a third. But when this argument is used for murder of the child just out of the womb, no it does not apply. So pro choice abortion providers can change the rules of the game of life whenever they choose because they have been given the mandate to perform abortions up to 9 months. This is what you run into with legalized abortion, and soon these ugly facts begin to stick in the craws of too many people.
So they stopped reading newspapers, because who wants to read a bunch of depressing abortion propaganda. I, in fact, got so mad at the Arizona Republic for printing such propaganda like calling a baby slated for abortion a fetus but a keeper, yes you can call it a baby. (Ellen Globe, pro choice abortion advocate from the Boston Globe) Her repelling column was the last straw for me and I wrote to the paper saying I was done writing protests to them in fact done reading the paper altogether. True to my word, I did not pick up an Arizona Republic for 2 years. For me, the embrace of pro choice thinking had ruined it.
But now the paper is dying as many other papers are. The Internet is blamed but that is because that is where the healthy conflicts are still happening. You can still blog your opinions the last I heard, and you can get your pro life videos uploaded to Youtube. I go where I am not rejected. The newspaper has rejected my thinking over and over. All I was doing was registering a protest, because they had guarranteed all letters to the paper would be read. They would not print my letters, which was why I was so hostile when they gave this great big My Turn to a pro choice thinker. Naturally. It has been years since strong My Turn columns were granted to pro life writers. Years. Even after a change of ownership but still pro choice.
Now my blog has disappeared. I suspect them of disappearing it, but it does not matter, we cannot get healthy debate going on a newspaper's blog site that will not print both sides in their paper. The newspaper staffs have bcome so narrow minded they cannot stand to print pro life arguments. They have become the kind of people they have deplored when they turned up in the churches or somewhere else to show prejudices and rigid attitudes. Pro choice people do not recognize narrow mindedness when it surfaces in themselves.
I think that is very sad. The newspaper people are running scared now. They are afraid to change, but if they don't change they are done. They have lost their way. I championed life not death. They should have known better than to champion death.


Missie said...

I've always thought newspapers and newstations were all very biased. I barely read either one anymore.

Have a good evening.

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry, you keep on taking a stand for the protection of the unborn

Anonymous said...

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