Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Az legislaters want waiting period on abortion: daughter of a mother who went to Sweden to get an abortion after taking thamidolide(sp) objects

I am going to be writing the newspaper a letter following this entry on this article. I have also made two videos which are uploading now. Here is an example of a daughter who would be expected to sympathize with the mother getting 'Her Turn" in the paper as a 'respected legalized abortion advocate' while I, who am pro life and a long time objecter to legalized abortion, have only had one letter on pro life published in this newspaper since 1973. I am a renegade, disrespected, too dangerous to print, when you are a pro choice editor. Sherri's career which was a TV series for young children was overshadowed by her abortion in Sweden. Well, people were a little bit disturbed as I remember that she had opted for an abortion involving a very difficult issue, birth defects, especially since a number of others with the babies born without arms caused from the drug were publicized.
But only 5 percent of abortion now days are for the causes that have always been grounds for possible therapeutic abortion, severe birth defects, rape, and incest, and the other 95 percent are a form of birth control presumably for a mistake, birth control failure, etc.
Since abortion was still illegal then there were more children including the armless children affected in the womb by this dangerous drug still being born with birth defects, so I am sure that Sherri's career of a TV program for young children was in jeopardy for 'sensitive' reasons. We can see her surrounded by very young children in the photo taken in 1962.
As a protester for so many years I have thought about this issue a great deal and the reasons that are the most traumatic for wanting an abortion, including severe birth defects. At the same time we are bemoaning here the death of a 21 month toddler killed by her mother and her boyfriend in Los Vegas and put in a dumpster, who fled back to Phoenix. At the same time we are also still trying to wrap our minds around the murder of George Tiller who was willing to do late term abortions and was recorded as having done many. I know that a girl from here was flown to Kansas for a late term abortion years ago because she was in jail and they did not see to the abortion she wanted soon enough. I recall them saying Tiller, the "killer" would do it, if all else failed, and he did.
So he took care of her pregnancy for her, late term, and I see that "Now" a respected program on our public television channel sent a woman to Kansas to pay Now's respects to Tiller and other abortion doctors one of whom said he felt called to this mission, as he thought George Tiller was, almost making it sound like a divine calling to take care of these pregnancies. Yet at the same time, we must bemoan the horrible death of the toddler who showed blunt force head trauma. The head is a target of attack in a late term abortion and might even be severed from the body, and I am unable to wrap my mind around the one and call it good and necessary, and the other evil and the perpetrators deserving of severe punishment.

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