Friday, November 21, 2008

2- Student (me) was covered with sores, and nobody reacted

I even wrote a paper I thought was very risky trying to reach the head of the department, the famous Shakespearean director who I thought was a shadow man. I described students covered with sores with everyone acting like they did not even see them. Now this brilliant man called me in and handed this paper back to me without comment on the content at all! He merely said this was not the format he asked for, and he could not give my paper a grade. That made me furious, but I smiled and reached for the paper and said, "It doesn't matter." Meaning I did not care if he gave me an F! He didn't give me an F, but I could plainly see he was not going to explore such subtext, so what was I going to do? He did not seem reachable. Well, I was used to that. I was determined. I had been silent too long. I would think of some way, somehow---

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