Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am so excited! I want to go to L.A.!

I had to laugh at Raymond. On his way to Salt Lake he called me and said that he had just talked to Kurt that morning who is in New York and is slated to come out and direct his one man show in Los Angeles. He said Kurt was beside himself with excitement because he has never had an occasion to come to Los Angeles especially to direct a new work. While they were talking, Ken Harding called from Los Angeles, Raymond's actor friend who lives there, and he was beside himself with excitement to hear Raymond had the money to produce the show and would soon be coming to set up camp! Now I am getting beside myself with excitement because I suddenly realized I could take a bus to Los Angeles, stay with Pam, and she and I could take in the show! (Nurse Pam) As we have been trying to get together for some time. I must tell Kelli, too, who lives there in the general vicinity. I would like to get to see her, too. (Noonmom)
I have gone to Los Angeles a number of times by car and on the bus back when. But it is so exciting when people create an original event. It is not necessary to become world famous, it is just necessary to make the world a more interesting place by taking a chance and getting a play out there!
I found out that at the time I proposed this plan to Pam she had already proposed a plan somewhat like it in a comment on my blog. Our minds were clearly running on the same track.


Connie said...

what happened to the snow???


Paula said...

Hope you get to go and also to meet noonmom.

Pamela said...

If you decide to stay here I can take you to see Kelly. We'll make arrangements. When are you thinking of making the trip?


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