Sunday, November 30, 2008

2- Pedofile tooo friendly

If people have to pay too high of price for telling the truth, they won't tell it. If coming out with gay feelings is going to force people to leave home, go to the city, even leave the state, some just aren't going to do it. They are going to go into hiding, and if that means marriage to an unknowing woman and children, they will try that, too. There is no better cover which my dad well knew. And so did I by the time I was five. He didn't count on me figuring it out so soon, with one of his male partners help who molested me. My dad had been so incautious thinking I suppose that I was too young to observe anything or question it, that I was able to see signs of a homosexual affair even though I hardly knew what that was at my age. And I started thinking oh my poor mother, what if she knew what he was doing? All that was causing about as much stress as the molesting which I figured out how to stop fairly soon, by practically staying at my mother's side. I knew he was afraid of her. But I did not tell. Because what my dad was doing with the man and what the man was doing to me were too closely entwined.

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