Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving lovely out to daughter Ronda's

I did not take my camera because I knew my daughter was stressed, so didn't want to risk adding any kind of annoying factor to her day. She has always been a little concerned about my posting photos of her family on the Internet. So I am posting my favorite photo of her and me together where you can really tell we are closely related. She was so exhausted from her hard studying to finish up her nurse program in college, that she fell asleep after dinner, watching the Cardinal-Eagles football game (our guys tanked), and her husband Chad who had put up lights outside and the tree that day fell asleep, too. I thought this is a very hard working couple. Chad had jumped up and cleared up all the dishes and sent them to the dishasher, put things away too. He is about the most ideal husband helper I have seen. You know I have never seen him say a cross word to his wife and kids. He is unbelievable, but they respect him and want to please him. He is a born manager who has made himself indispensible to the company where he works.
I had commented last time I was there their dog Bailey was getting fat, and low and behold he was thin again and Chad says he tries to take him walkng and running as often as he can. I suggested maybe they could get him a little dog treadmill to run beside them on theirs when it is too hot to run in 110 weather. Do they have dog treadmills? I love their dog. His good character shines in his eyes and his demeanor at all time. I think he is a border terrior. (Sp) Am I still thinking terrorist, anyway he is certainly not a dog terrorist although he does bark loudly to alert the family about anyone messing around the front door.
Ronda said she was too tired to cook so they were ordering Fry's Thanksgiving dinner. I warned Doc I might not be able to bring this poor shut in (for his own sake as well as family's) a plate of turkey, but the turkey Fry's sent was good enough size, Ronda sent her usual Thankgiving giveaway plate home with everyone. I made the most delicious fruit salad ever because all the fruits were perfect especially the pineapple. My grandsons Jamal and Dante love this salad, I have made it so many years. They would rather have it than pie. The grandsons, Jamal, Ethan, and Dante were all nice and thin and will not need to be put on diets or run more.
Dante said that his his mother's BF and father of her two little ones got laid off, so they are eating lots of beans and rice. He is a professional operator but work finally dried up for him, too, on the big machines. Dante's other grandma lives with them and contributes when they need it, so he says they will not be evicted or starve. His mother needs to take care of the two little ones for a while longer before she can join the workforce again.
My son Gary did not come as his family lives in Flagstaff, so he usually tries to go there atleast a day, but he has been working overtime he said to keep the construction company he is working for from going bankrupt. He is making sure the job is done fast and well, so they can get more jobs. He took me out to breakfast the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that was nice.
I got hold of Raymond in Los Angeles who had dinner at his friend Ken's house. I asked him if Ken was prepared to do "Blue Baby." He said he was scared to death! I don't blame him. That is some part. Raymond will act in his one man show of course. He wrote a good entry about his thoughts on Thanksgiving. He also said that it hurt him to see me with Doc on a video not at his best because of the drinking, because he tended to throttle my vision with a primitive joke. I do feel a captive at times of a madman who feels he must kill himself. Raymond is taking the precaution of looking up AA meetings to attend in L.A. which he does if he can wherever he goes.
My son Dan took me out to Ronda's. He was in good spirits as he does not think he will be laid off. Work might dry up some in the summer. We all had a good time together. I hope your Thankgiving get together with your family was as good as mine!


Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Gerry,
I am so happy to hear that you had a good thanksgiving with your family. Suure wish you would write the recipe down for your fruit salad! Sounds so good!
love ya,

Paula said...

Nice entry about your family. Glad you had a good holiday.

Lisa said...

Happy to hear you had a nice thanksgiving with your family. Lovely picture of you & your daughter, that's a keeper!

Missie said...

You and your daughter do look a like! I'm glad you all had a good holiday.

Pamela said...

I don't think people ever realize how challenging Nursing School is unless they've been through it. I know she will be a good nurse.
Glad you had a good visit.

hunybea4him said...

Thanks Gerry for the comment in my open journal about my hat : )

I noticed you are a hat person too and always seem to have one on in your pics.
Glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving. May your Christmas be just as nice.

Much Love~

Yasmin said...

Looks like you had a great day with your family, it's nice when you all get together isn't it, glad they enjoyed the fruit salad, and a nice photo of you and your daughter.

Take care


Nelishia said...

I'm glad you got that great a Thanksgiving with your family. I make the fruit salad at Christmas that my family loves. It is a good choice. Your daughter sure does look like you. I know she was beyond exhausted. Her husband sounds just like Dirk when it comes to the helpfulness. That was a great picture of you two. Glad you got to hear from the boys as well. It is sad about how Doc is doing.


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