Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fighting over issues on Youtube

My video "Gerry focuses on Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)" has gotten 27 hits so far, which shows there is enough interest for me to deem this video worth making, but let me tell you what has alarmed me about such things as this extremist legislation--what I am seeing on Youtube. Obama turned to Youtube to help spread his word, which proved to be highly successful in reaching the young, but just as strongly, those in opposition, especially to this bill, have turned to Youtube. I have seen videos now of Obama making promises in his speeches to support this act all the way as he did in one to Planned Parenthood. Now this is unprecedented for a male candidate to do this in our history of legalized abortion. I just saw a video that said "This man will be supporting 6,000,000 deaths in his term of office." The video goes on to say that the US is estimated to be killing 1,500,000 a year in legalized abortion. The implication is that if this bill is signed, the numbers will climb, which I think they surely will, and Obama will be tied to these deaths.
What I fear is that Obama is being made the sacrificial goat for the abortion rights extremists who are going to make everybody in opposition furious if this bill is signed into law that can't be touched. He will be a much bigger target for violence than they will be. If you google FOCA you will find the full text of this act which does not leave out one single way people have tried to oppose legalized abortion. It practically even forbids those in office of talking against abortion! When they say untouchable law they mean it.
If you support the solution of abortion you are entering the killing fields and many things change when you do that, including the safety many have taken for granted in this country. Once the country is killing 1,500,000 a year in the unborn, our country becomes increasingly unsafe for anybody. People think just because it is the unborn, which we have managed not to think about very much at all, the rest of us are perfectly safe. Wrong. We are not safe. Nobody's safe when that much killing is going on.
Abortion advocates keep talking about protecting the life of the mother. In FOCA we see that the sacrifice of the child means nothing which is thinking that many do not espouse or think is logical. So are we to let abortion extremists rule? This act will in my opinion create a very volatile atmosphere, where the violent will feel they have more justification to explode.
Obama sounds so committed to this cause in these videos, I do not know if he can be influenced. I think now is the time for all citizens to weigh the consequences of going to extremes with abortion and try to make themselves felt and heard. Obama is not just an attractive and intelligent black man, as he is to most, he is a black man with a very troubling agenda to me, if these videos are any indication. I have fought the extremists for years in both parties. I left Mormon Utah because of their extremist religous views toward a lot of issues, including homosexuality. I have not attached myself to any church since because I think they all tend to be extremist. I had to look at it from the viewpoint of one who thought her father was gay, the man I relied on to protect me. I thought my father was wrong in a lot of his behavior, but it was wrong for his society to make him feel there was no way out but suicide. I fought his suicidal tendencies my whole life. And I continued to fight the condemnation that causes bisexual men to be suicidal.
With legalized abortion, we may get such extremist views from both camps, it can only lead to extreme violence! This is what we need to try to prevent if we possibly can by sounding the voices of moderation, moderation. All people's thinking on this issue is very important in order to prevent a clash between uncompromising camps that could produce another great national tragedy. There needs to be dialogue and a lot of it about what can be done to be more moderate. I am a great believer in the power of thought coming from the many.
You can google FOCA. I copied and pasted it and have it among my papers. I also copied a timeline on abortion since it was legalized. I am trying to get myself as well informed as possible. I am also going to speak out as a democrat objecting to the idea that the democratic party is the party of abortion. I know there are a lot of democrats who just aren't considering and speaking out about this issue if it means clashing with more vocal extremist leaders, but if they want to protect their young leader, they will get very knowledgeable about a very dangerous issue. Trying to find a path of moderation that will not lead to violence.
Trying to force Catholic hospitals to do abortions by law if they do anything with women in the gynocological and obstretrical fields is extremist. I suppose they are furious at how strongly the Catholics continue to fight legalized abortion, and tend to think they need to be soundly defeated, destroyed if possible. FOCA purports that abortion should be an untouchable right, indicating that the Catholic opposition to it since the 3rd century is completely wrong! That is extremist thinking and will lead to violence. I have often wondered if abortion extremists would ever be satisfied without more late term abortions, less restrictions. The ban on partial abortion infuriated them for example. Mothers will die! How many mothers are actually going to die because the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion (tearing apart the child no matter how late term)is banned? FOCA retrieves that abortion right by overturning the ban. Angry extremist thinking. Dangerous thinking.
Extremists create war when peace would be better. Bush, for example, showed his extremist thinking that war was the only solution and far over extended the US in war after 9/11. To heck with the cost. The world was going to tolerate his war against bin Laden but it was a good deal less supportive of his invasion of Iraq, and eventually hardly anybody seemed to have supported this war, but did he allow their reservations to stop him? Well, he moved too fast, catching many off guard still trying to access what to do after 9/11 which shocked and threw everyone off balance. We will have to forgive Bush because of his brash haste in invading another country, but he was our leader, and as he reminded us it was his decision to make and then try to marshall our support later. Reluctantly we gave it. By the end of his term we are hardly even showing him enough respect to listen to him talk, president or not. Extremists will suffer such consequences and worse.

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