Friday, November 14, 2008

Gerry focuses on Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)

I made 5 videos this morning on this topic before I could get satisfied. This one has Doc saying quite a bit which was better than one where he said nothing and I did all the talking. I try to strike a happy medium when I am making a video on a topic I am concerned about. He is asking me on the one I picked why I put him in the video, and I tell him he is the voice of dissent and disagreement sitting right beside me sometimes saying what a viewer might be thinking. Anyway, I wanted to make a video registering my thinking on this topic and here it is.


Pamela said...

Ok Gerry, slowly but surely you are making me rethink my views on abortion. My whole life I've been prochoice. I'm starting to reevaluate that. One thing I will always believe is that it is the right of the mother when there is something wrong with the baby or it's a health hazard to her or the baby. But, a normal have me thinking. I never thought I'd think about that.

annk said...

The Freedom of Choice Act seems to be all-encompassing in allowing abortion...but what about the Catholic's freedom of choice? Don't they have the freedom to make the choice not to perform an abortion? How can this law force those that don't believe in making that choice, into making that choice?
Would this also extend into the gays having the freedom to marry? Or is the only choice that is important is for those who think
'outside the box'? How can FOCA focas only those that want to abort a child.
Doc, I did enjoy your very independant thinking. Good video and should stimulate attention.


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