Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and Terrorist Attacks


Lisa said...

Interesting video, I enjoyed watching your interaction with Doc. I also watched the Electric Shock video.

Wishing you a happy thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed the day.

Pamela said...

I reading while driving! But, that's why they make books on tape. But, I have to say that just about everyone I know reads some kind of book. Not everyone...but almost everyone! Myself included.
Doc is so funny! I enjoy your conversations with him.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Malagutigrrl said...

Gerry, while Ma is watching Regis and Kelly, I'm watching Gerry and Doc. You've become my favorite morning talk show!

Bohemian Cowboy said...

I enjoyed this video as well, but I have to admit, sometimes they are hard to watch. I think when Doc is drinking more, he feels a little like watching a train wreck, which is interesting because much of entertainment and the media is designed to create and report the train wrecks. I think its different for me, watching you, my mother. I think because I don't always like the way he sometimes throttles you for a joke. I do admire how you handle it, but its hard for me to watch. Sons are programmed to protect our parents, and i feel protective much of the time I'm watching. I think that is what was so hard about loving dad, I couldn't protect him. Still, there is a vibrancy to lots of these conversations, and I am watching, even though I don't always comment... heart.

Nelishia said...

What happened in India I read was intended to attack US Americans and Brittains. It is tragic that is the mentality. I have read so much horror from the survivors since this day.



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