Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am still sad and worried after election is over

I got up this morning at 4am and listened to more election results, went down and got a paper, and breakfasted at Doc's apartment, where he had set up the camera for an after election video. We made three ten minute videos on the subject. I chose the third one which I uploaded to Youtube before I ate breakfast. He was, of course happy, because his candidate won.
I came home and went to my family site where my sister and her daughter were celebrating the victory of Obama. I decided I would have to compose an entry later that would not offend the Obama supporters too much. I then composed an entry for my g4life on I had read the editorial page of the Arizona Republic down to Doc's and decided I needed to write a letter to them, as the blog likely would not reach many people. If they print it, I will put it in my blog.
Now I am back deciding what I can write on my blogspot Daughters of the Shadow Men which will not upset too many people. The life of a protestor soon results in utmost lack of popularity, as people become wary of an opinionated person on a very difficult subject. Abortion is committed by over a million people a year who ahere to the idea there is nothing wrong with it. These people become extremely hardened to protest.
I have an African-American grandson. Like Obama, his father was from an African country, and like him, his mother is white and for about 3 or 4 years I helped raise him, until my daughter's husband adopted him and has since taken very good care of him, my daughter, and their smaller son. There is nothing I would like more than to see life improve for black people in this country, but this progress cannot be at the expense of the unborn, the way I look at things.
I think that the moral bankruptcy that resulted from the millions of deaths of the unborn since Roe vs Wade has led to financial bankruptcy. We threw out our moral compasses. We no longer listened to the 'still small voice.' We took a step that had up to now never been taken in this country. We bought the idea that it takes so many deaths of the unborn to 'improve' society. By now all these children being taken out of their misery should not have led to this deep hole in which we find ourselves.
Wealthy and famous media figures are too protected and isolated from the suffering citizenry to see what their promoting of this hedonistic philsophy of life has wrought. Black people are too overjoyed to see that victory comes with a tremendous cost. If Obama tries to throw off the chains of his democratic benefactors who support this philosophy of death he will run into a firestorm. We did not see that last night. The enemy is not centered among the violent racists, whose sins are on a lesser scale. It is centered now in the supporters of legalized abortion, because of the millions of deaths. There is no comparison. The unborn have now become the victims of a relentless never ending holocaust in many countries of the world. I am afraid that it might take the end of the world to stop it because the defenders of legalized abortion have become all of us.
Killing is necessary to how many for the good life. Blacks will embrace this philosphy of life at great peril. They have already not been treated well in this country. To embrace those who think killing is all right is to embrace the poisonous serpent in our midst which we must dispel from ourselves.
I will call attention to this fact for you, my black friends. Beware of the serpent.


sober white women said...

I don't usually get involved in the condition of our nation and so on. However I will say that I think we are headed for a great depression. Lord help us all.

tsalagiman1 said...

Well written, Gerri. There is so much about Obama that is very questionable at best, and that many voted not only along racial lines, but for the "freebies" he has promised. This time next year, it will be very interesting to see how many of the Obama supporters regret voting the way they did.


Sheria said...

Gerry I know that you know that Obama did not invent abortion rights. It's the law of the land. Bush was in office for going on 8 years; he stated that he was opposed to Roe v. Wade, and even he couldn't over turn it. I respect your concerns but to attack Obama on law that he neither created nor can he change is ludicrous. Roe v. Wade has been the law since 1973, when Obama was barely in his 20s. Changing the abortion laws will have to be done the same way that they were creatred, in the courts, not in the office of the president. Ther other possibility would be a an act of congress, but that is highly unlikely because it would raise so many constitutional issues, but it will never be decided by the executive branch. What is this obsession that you have on pinning abortion of Obama? He supports the law of the land, as all elected officals are sworn to do. Your commenters and you speak total bullshit as to Obam followers voting based on race. He received 52% of the popular vote, black people make up not quite 12% of the population in this country. Even if every single black person voted for him, which they did not, there are not enough of us to elect anyone president. Did all the Whites, Hispanics, Asians, indians vote for Obama because he was black too or maybe because we're tired of an endless war, of homeless children, of the rich getting richer while poverty balloons, of our economic structure collapsing, of programs like Medicare and Medicaid, programs that I suspect help make the lives of you and your friends a bit better, facing severe cuts, I could go on and on. This is absurd and I am thoroughly disgusted that you continue to perpetuate this load of crap.

Yasmin said...

I had to think about your post for a day or so, You are of course entitled to your opinion, however on the subject of Abortion, I feel you are blaming the wrong person I've never heard any politician here or there advocate Abortion, however abortion is not illegal, there are always going to be unwanted babies, I agree that termination should not be used as birth control and I doubt any woman who decides on this course of action finds it an easy one, so what is the solution. In many countires where abortion is illegal women/girls are driven to those who perform these operations without benefit of medical experience, so what go back to coat hangers, crochet hooks, drinking bottles of Gin, sitting in hot baths, taking pills to go home alone to abort a child. I've yet to hear a solution to this issue.

Take care


Marc said...

Every child a wanted child. It is a far greater sin to bring an unwanted child into the world who will be unloved, neglected, abused and resented than it is to terminate the pregnancy at the stage where the fetus has has no developed brain. The amount of energy you people put into ruining the lives of mothers while neglecting the well being of the living astounds me.
No one likes abortion. I think every woman who wants to have a child should be supported in doing do. But we are doing no favors to a child to bring him or her into a miserable life. I was in prison with thousands of men who had led such lives, born to slaps and beatings and carrying on such abuse to their own mindlessly bred children.
Why is it that pro-lifers never seem to object to the death penalty? Nor are they vegetarians, though animals suffer far more than embryos?
Obama has NOTHING to do with abortion. Bush in 8 years couldn't outlaw it, neither could Obama if he wanted to. We have a country drowning in problems, and you act like the choice of a few hundred thousand women a year not to make a mistake a tragedy is at the core of our problems.
ANd sober white woman who doesn't "usually get involved in the condition of our nation?" That "what me?" attitude is exactly what the nation suffers so dreadfully from. People who don't realize that if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


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