Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gerry is somber over election results


Paula said...

You are somber? I was thinking you were for Mr. Obama. Pray he steps up to the plate and does a great job.

Cathy said...

Gerry I kept waiting for that coffee to spill over lol. I'm somber too, but I always am anytime Ralph Nader loses. He's getting too old now to really be viable, so all we can do is CHANGE THIS MORONIC 2-PARTY SYSTEM!! Have you ever seen democracy in action here? or anywhere? Me neither.

Southern Gal said...

This whole election process was like riding on a roller coaster. The ride has stopped. We need to send up prayers for our newly elected president Barack Obama. It's going to be an up hill climb. I hope he connects with people who can help him run this great free country we live in. I am somber too Gerry.

Connie said...

Where's docs hat??

Well I think they played the race card-society isn't supposed to 'see' a difference but they sure as heck strutted that a 'black' man got in..all the media and every black celebrity.I have nothing against the mans color-it's his heritage that bothers me.Read me lips

Pamela said...

I always enjoy seeing you and Doc on video. I'm not sure abortion is first and foremost on people's minds right now, even though it should be. I think people are more worried at this time about the economy. JMO.


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