Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Doc and I have to wait for another lifetime to become rich and famous?

Poor Doc and I with so little time left to make our mark in the world. Today we filmed a series on intelligence. We both thought we were very intelligent and are shocked to find outselves on the bottom rung of the ladder of success, fame, and wealth at the end of our lives. Of course we knew this was happening for some time, but I, for sure, thought my big break would surely come after so patiently waiting. Now it looks like I am going to have to come back for another life time to get anywhere. I just read this book called "Many Lifetimes" and also another book about India's foremost mystic guru who gave me the idea that if at first you don't succeed in this life time, you must plan for another right away. So let's see where would I start and what should I aim for?
But in the meantime I must finish up this life, writing on my two blogs and making videos which will surely not land either one of us on the front page of the Internet. I see Jane Fonda on there this morning, but she had the good fortune to be born to a famous actor, Henry Fonda, and then there is Ted Turner, her ex, who acquired great wealth. They were both asked on 60 minutes. I doubt that Doc and I are going to be asked on 60 minutes, but we did make three videos this morning on our plight. I am a humble person. I didn't want to be any more rich and famous than I deserve, and it is apparent that fate took me serious, and decided that fame and fortune is generally bad for people, so if I didn't mind, I would not receive any.
I know I get sick of rich and famous people very fast. Maybe that was the problem. I did not want to become who I did not like. I never even liked rich people let alone famous ones. I made sure I never met any of those. I hardly know one famous person. But the unknowns being so modest so willing to be nobodies bothers me. I think, well they should have a little more publicity seeking in them. A little more pride in theier worth, so they aren't so content to let other people have all the attention and them none.
Doc even got to expand a little more in this new series we made. I put the spotlight on him which he generally tries to avoid. I couldn't really let him say anything if he didn't want to. He has mostly wished he was dead, but now he seems to be a little less devoted to bringing about his demise. Hey, maybe he is ready to ask for a little more out of life.


sober white women said...

I think it is all persepective. You have left your finger print on the world. You have raised children and helped raise grandchildren. As for money?... well you can't take it with you when you go, LOL

Missie said...

I think you and doc deserve to be famous now with all the great videos you two make. LOL

Enjoy your week.


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