Saturday, November 22, 2008

3- I started telling the truth in my classes causing consternation!

Try it sometime. In every class instead of listening to the professors and regurgitating whatever they said, I carefully wrote the truth of what I thought. I also did this with all the students around me. I was surprised at how brainwashed we all were, and programmed never to say what we thought. I was soon causing a minor sensation, but the results were mixed, A's on some papers, F's on others. I could see that my time at the University would soon be over by the reactions, but I was prepared. I knew it was time to leave, but there were still other ordeals in store for me before I could make my escape. I did not realize how dangerous what I was doing could be! The truth can seem like a bomb to some folks, unwelcome, and well, you will see.


Missie said...

I hope both you and Doc are having a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Loved it as always Gerry!


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