Tuesday, November 25, 2008

6- Daughters of the Shadow Men still looking for openminded

Yes, the daughters are still suppressed. Women playwrights have a tougher time getting their plays produced. But I am so excited because my son Raymond has moved his big city theatrical operations to Los Angeles, and is going to produce not one but two of his plays in that fabled city. They will not know him, he must muscle his way in their consciousness with his art, but he's still strong enough to do it. I remember having a staged reading down there of one of my plays, and a vicious actress from New York I cast in the lead sabotaged my play out of a ruthless competitive spirit that I was not prepared to fight. I realized I should have played the part myself. I gave her the opportunity to kill me with my own words. The way she chose to interpret them. I wondered what happened to her who did not know enough to band together with women instead of becoming an instant enemy. Check out Raymond's blog: http://cowboysandbohemians.blogspot.com to read about casting his second play "Blue Baby." Ken Harding, his friend down there who made a living at one time acting, will play the lead role.

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