Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Times Editor, Michael Lacey, prints my letter about his endless feud with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Here is my letter to Michael Lacey in full. I sent it to his New York e-mail address where he has another paper. I respect him very much for printing it.

Dear Michael:

Surely you know that when an intoxicated alien hit Officer Figuoroa's vehicle causing his death, this would personify to the public what illegals do that drives law enforcement crazy.
I lived on the westside for 20 years in an area 90 percent Mexican (Fillmore and 35th ave) and I witnessed people being shot right in front of my eyes in gang wars, fighting for their turf. I witnessed a whole lot of public intoxication. I can relate to both sides, and I thought that when the day came that they would try to close the borders there would be a big reaction and plenty of trouble for all on both sides. I knew Mexicans who had been deported I don't know how many times and walked back. The US was still the best place to be A gang used to carry their machine guns up the stairs next to my apartment and were involved in a shooting at a party, where they shot five people and two of them died. Police stopped the leader and he shot himself. Remember that? Those guys hung out with my neighbor.
An alien ex BF shot a woman I knew there, and she knew law enforcement would never be able to find him, so she did, and went to court to testify against him, even though his friends called and threatened to kill her if she did. She did trusting the police to protect her when she went into hiding after the trial. They did burn her car. Illegals were always involved in some kind of shooting because it was so hard for law enforcement to track them down when they could run back and forth to Mexico, or to Calif. if need be and then could come back without even any fear when the furor died down.
I would say law enforcement especially now operating even closer to the bone because of how hard the bad economy has hit Arizona is really going to have it tough to enforce tougher immigration policies.
Arpaio is probably going to win, so are you going to allow yourself to be driven completely insane by your anger at this man? I have missed you sane this past year. The best way you are going to beat Arpaio now is to return to good journalism, writing on other subjects besides this man. You have exhausted this subject, especially if he is going to win another term. You can't stop him.
Things happen. In jails. But we should be able to make our highways safer from all the illegals violations of the traffic laws resulting in death and mayhem on a daily basis. They are poor, bound to drive cars and get drunk, even if they have no registration, license of anything else, and one bad accident later may or may not be taken off the street.

Gerry King Hitt

Joe Arpaio did win. The traffic accident where an illegal caused the death of a young police officer and father on the highway just by running into his vehicle dead drunk insured that. He could have been any of us. Unfortunately for all the illegals, too many break the laws in ways that endanger everybody. Joe Arpaio, whatever his character may be, however little you like him, has cracked down on illegal immigration.

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Lisa said...

What an interesting letter and I'm sure there is alot going on behind the words you write as well.

Congratulations on having your letter published...well done Gerry.


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