Thursday, November 20, 2008

Consult ghosts around you in hard times

I just got through reading a book by another medium called "Ghosts Among Us" by James Van Pragh who is associated with the TV show Ghost Whisperer, which is based on the mediumship of a woman. He, however, was one of these relatively rare human beings who saw the ghosts around us as a tiny child and just thought that everybody did. In all the medium stories I read the psychic does not usually find out for a number of years that their gift of seeing ghosts among us is unique rather than a common occurence. I know I was gifted to a certain extent with psychic powers and what I am picking up is the activities of ghosts or spirits around us gathering to help us through these hard economical times, when some are going to feel worried to the breaking point.
Going into hard times is in a sense like making a transition into another sphere, and everyone feel very worried that they will not be able to take the strain and worry of making ends meet, especially when the breadwinner loses a job, something really serious. In that case, I would say alway pray very hard for help, and pay close attention to direction about the best thing to do.
I am trying to get ready to go to the other world, so that the transition will not be too traumatic. This is somewhat like preparing for the worst of times as we hit bottom.
I am sure our new president elect is praying very hard that he will be able to cover all bases in making the citizens feel reassured that all that can be done is being done by our leaders. I am reassured that he is asking a variety of good eperienced people to fill the important positions, so the upcomng transition between an outgoing and incoming president seems to be going well.
My daughter just called me and said that she is so busy finishing up the last demands of her nurse training she has no time to shop and cook Thanksgiving dinner. I don't look forward to the eating of the turkey as I used to. Now I think live turkeys like these beautiful ones I photographed to the state fair in what was called the turkey stampede. I feel quite satisfied that I won't be eating any of them and am perfectly willing to scale down to a few vegetarian items for Thanksgiving, including a delicious fruit salad I always make.
Doc and I started a new series this morning, and we enjoyed it so much we did six segments and watched them. The morning flew by. Even though the series subject is kind of grim, we still laughed a lot. Doc has a black sense of humor that serves him well with tough subjects. If only. If only. I find I can put these subjects on Youtube and get a little action.
I am content on blogspot. I want all the journalists to get their rest whatever they do, as we need rest in hard times. We need to settle down to a round of journals we can do comfortably even if we don't travel fast or often to many blogs Health comes first. Then we do what we can and should not feel guilty about what we can't do. I told my daughter she must fight not to feel guilty about passing on cooking her usual big Thanksgiving feast for her three brothers and mother and aunts, cousins, whoever. Her brothers feel no guilt when they don't cook. I try to cook a supper for Xmas eve once a year and that is my limit. I stopped doing Thanksgiving when it got too stressful. I know we will see my daughter at Xmas when she is all through of her studies She is worried because nobody has called her about her job. Let her just put it in the hands of the ghosts around her and they will find the perfect job for her to begin her nursing career.
As for me, I got a message from my spirit mother in the thrift store with three beautiful cards to give to my 3 sisters still living. They are so her they will recognize the message is from her immediately That is what you look for, little touches that tell you a spirit who loves you and wants to help you is trying to get in touch. Like Pam, if she tunes in, she will receive a comforting message from her mother who has manifested her spirit to her once already, and is just waiting now to help her adjust to a new job. She wants to help her get over a feeling of being lost. Crashed. The spirits around me say they have this message for Pam. Tune in to your mother every time you get too low and she will talk to you about many things and relieve your sense of stress and being too alone. You are not alone!

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