Sunday, November 23, 2008

4- Mormon psychiatrist incarcerates me for insubordination

You might think that this is exaggeration on my part or simply not true, but after I had not answered three questions, which took only a few moments of the psychiatrist's time, he left the room, and as I found out later, rounded up a guard to transport me to a psych ward. I tried to talk him out of this drastic move, but he told me I was going and that was that. I was told by the guard I was allowed one phone call. I chose not to take it because I did not know how I could possibly explain this turn of events to any of my relatives while still in my right mind. They were going to have to torture me until I was out of my mind before I could take this charge of mental illness serious. I just hadn't been brainwashed well enough to imagine I was really insane and didn't know it!

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Pamela said...

When I was in nursing school we had to "play the game." I had to keep my head down, and my nose clean. We didn't dare do anything to get noticed or we'd be booted out. If we wanted to do as you say "Make a statement" we were OUT! You wouldn't believe how many they kicked out.
So, after two years of trying to go unnoticed, I graduated. It was more important to me to have my RN license than try to get a point across to teachers who were unwilling to listen. Some of the RN teachers were really crazy, too. Every RN I've spoken to has said that they have had very crazy instructors. I find that pretty sad.
You had a lot of courage.


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