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Freedom of Choice act designed to remove limits on abortion under Obama alarms Catholic Bishops

Bishops Vow to Fight Obama Abortion Agenda
By Mark Impomeni
Nov 12th 2008 10:00PM
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The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, meeting this week in Baltimore, took steps to mount an unprecedented campaign against a signature initiative of a major political party, vowing to aggressively oppose President-elect Obama and the Democrats in their efforts to pass the Freedom of Choice Act. The bill, sponsored by California Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and which Obama said would be among the first pieces of legislation he would sign if elected, would eliminate all conditions placed on access to abortions in the United States. It would also invalidate every state law designed to reduce abortions. The bishops vowed to fight the measure in Congress, and take it to court if it becomes law.

Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Paprocki, of President-elect Obama's hometown of Chicago, said that passage of FOCA could have "devastating consequences" for Catholic hospitals nationwide. The bill would make it illegal for church-run hospitals to refuse to perform abortions if they also provide gynecologic and obstetric services. Currently, some states allow exceptions for religious hospitals from performing medical services that they may find morally objectionable. Paprocki said that the bill's passage could result in the closing of all Catholic-run hospitals in the country.

"It could mean discontinuing obstetrics in our hospitals, and we may need to consider taking the drastic step of closing our Catholic hospitals entirely. It would not be sufficient to withdraw our sponsorship or to sell them to someone who would perform abortions. That would be a morally unacceptable cooperation in evil.

I do not think I'm being alarmist in considering such drastic steps. We need to respond in a morally appropriate, responsible fashion."

The bishops concluded their discussion of the proposed law by issuing a statement seeking areas of common ground with the incoming Obama Administration, but asserting the church's opposition to abortion. "The church is also resolute in opposing evil," the statement said. "[The bishops are] completely united and resolute in our teaching and defense of the unborn child from the moment of conception."

Abortion was not a big issue in the presidential campaign. Sen. John McCain briefly raised the issue in the third presidential debate, after the narrative of the election had already been long set. Obama did take criticism from conservatives and pro-life groups for his advocacy as a state senator for a bill that would have denied medical care to infants that survived an abortion attempt. Obama voted for against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act on three separate occasions and spoke against the bill on the floor of the Illinois Senate. Now that he has won the election, Catholic bishops are seeking to remind Obama that 54% of Catholics voted for him, despite his opposition to the church's teaching on abortion, while trying to reassert control over their wayward flock."

This article on the Internet today has me alarmed. I did not think I would have to worry about the abortion picture worsening under Obama so soon. I can only hope such an initiative will not pass! I have posted it in my blog G4Life on and written a letter of protest to the Arizona Republic which I believe like most of the newspapers has tried to ignore the subject Here is my letter to them in essence:

Arizona Republic:
I say the biggest problem any country has is what is causing the most deaths, and for years, the million abortion deaths a year are hardly even mentioned in a seemingly endless campaign for president. Why didn't McCain go for broke and force the topic on people? Now we have got the Catholic Church facing a "Freedom of Choice" act sponsored by democrat Barbara Boxer of California that they say if Obama signs will force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions if they are to provide gynocological and birthing services to women, which some states now do not require. All restrictions on abortion the states have passed will be null and void. The Catholic Church which believes life begins at conception say they will close their hospitals before they will perform abortions. And we have an Obama who has never known anything but legalized abortion the last 35 years of his life. The Catholics may appeal to a sense of wrong in abortion he has not developed.
I did not think my stomach would have to begin roiling so soon after the election, and I would need to get busy again protesting. I have long been a democrat for life. I view my party as not the party of abortion but the party that did so much for civil rights. I am against people who think they can dictate what democrats are to think is wrong or right. As a democrat for right to life I am pledging to fight against the "Freedom of Choice" act, which if passed without enough numbers to filbuster could mean that abortion rights would be untouchable. It would also sweep away the ban againste partial-birth abortion passed by the Supreme Court! It would be abortion rights with hardly any restrictions. Is this how you go about considering both the baby and the mother? There is a tremendous lack of balance here, a failure to recognize that a mother is geared by nature to protect her young. People who say that is not necessary are violating not only the laws of higher powers, but natures laws. Is this wisdom?

Gerry King Hitt
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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I think Obama is going to do more harm than people imagined. It's starting already and he's not even in office yet.

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