Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lets see, where am I?

I do have to take stock of my world now and then. I finally recovered from the migration and am now trying to set up a routine on blogspot. Plus make my videos which I must do to keep Doc from driving me crazy. We are getting ready to film the third and last episode on the Intelligence series tomorrow, but today we did a series I wanted to do about Planning my next life time. It turned out that this needed to be done to keep me from taking up with any more alcoholics in my next life. Doc being one of the worst alcoholics on earth has cured me. That will no longer be my mission. But this is the alcoholic age. Which I talk about in our series. Doc is burning the disc right now. So you see we never lack for subjects and will probably be making videos right up until our demise. He will either drink himself to death or he will drink me to death.
I enjoy making these videos of conversations between people. I suggest that you all do it, too, if you have the camera. Photos are good but videos are even better. I would love to view a conversation on film between you and your husband, or BF or whoever is around.
I have been shocked about what has happened to several journalists, including Carlene of Horseshoe Bend who had a very bad fall and broke her wrist in all kinds of ways. She is laid up for I don't know how long. I relate to Carlene because she and I have both made our living waitressing. I write and read a lot and I thought my partially disabled body would go right straight to hell if I did not get an active job. I feel sorry for women who do have to work at sit down jobs. By the time they get to and fro from work and their families taken care of they have no time to run 30 minutes on the treadmill, and as a result are gaining weight. I am sure Carlene will recover because she is in shape from running probably ten miles a shift, especially an eleven hour one which is an eternity in waitress work. She is such a worker, though, she probably had to fall before she would take a much needed rest.
Then came a huge shock with Donna having a heart attack and three bypass surgery. I have snagged so many of her graphics. I just hope she can cut back on her busy schedule, stop smoking or whatever else the doctor recommended as we want to see her around for a long time, even if she must limit herself. All of us have benefited from her journal This and That and Hockey, too. I think of her as the ultimate hockey mom. Sarah Palin gave her a little run for her money nationally, but nobody could be a more devoted fan of her beloved hockey team than Donna. I am sure all of you have the links to the journals of these two well known bloggers. Great ones, both of them.
Now I must confess that my life long habit of reading so limits my journal reading time I am not able to get around to everybody very often. It may be months before I see you, but when I run onto a book like Cherie Blair with a subtitle like "Speaking Up for Myself" I just have to stop and read. This memoir by the wife of the formeer Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair, is just fascinating to me. I just read where Hillary and Bill came to stay with them, and then they went to the U.S. and visited them at the White House. I did not know a thing about Cherie Blair, so I have hardly been able to lay the book down. But I regard her as just another journalist I just have to read.
I also just read a memoir called "Madness" about a bi polar woman with one of the worst cases of mental illness I have read about. It is by Marya Hornbacher who also wrote "Wasted" about her anorexia and bilimia. I am interested because I think my sister who was bilimic might have been bi polar and even though she died of ovarian cancer, she might have evaded that had she not been too manic and too depressed in cycles. Perhaps there are a lot more women with extreme mood swings who are not able to handle cancer threats in order to save their lives. Perhaps a mental illness contributes to their demise. I feel I need to investigate and this memoir is a riveting piece of writng. I got these two books at the public library, just hot off the press.
So if you don't see me often, but I have read you before, I will be back in time to check how you are doing. I read as much as I can and this is the best I can do. And I will understand if you don't read my journal very often either. I am not going to send out a notice every time I post, just once in a while if I really want to call your attention to one. I think in the age of blogging we all have tons to read we can't get around to, blogs we want to read, books we want to read, videos we want to watch. I noted that Donna was covering a lot of journals and she may have to cut back. Boring but sometimes necessary. I don't know if Carlene can even type in her condition. So what do you think?


Lisa said...

You look great and it sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. I feel so bad for Carlene, she is such a sweet soul.

Paula said...

I see you are looking great in white today. Yes the two girls you mention are the greatest and I wish them both to be well soon.

annk said...

Keep on reading and posting...that is what I am doing, attempting to post.


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