Saturday, November 1, 2008

My alien Doc video gets 5 stars on Youtube!

Folks, I could hardly believe my eyes, a 5 star rating for saving alien Doc too brilliant for this earth. And Connie sent me this tag that just fit!
I have also received some very good criticism I thought. A very good friend tactfully told me I should not interrupt Doc and refuse to listen to him so often on my videos. I have been watching them with this in mind, and by golly, she is right. I told Doc and of course he agreed, but I warned him he better not sound too drunk and vacuous in his remark or I just won't use that a video. I will make him redo it and redo it or wait until morning and he is nearer to sober. Anyway, I was glad to get some encouragement just when I was in despair over probably being thought to be just a chatty old woman who never got to be famous and is therefore frustrated in life. Did I deserve to be famous? Of course, but life is not fair. Well, I deserved it as much as anybody. And so do you. Doc has seen this tag and says to the artist, you have the wrong end showing.


Connie said...

I'm sure the other end can't be much worse than this poor horses nasty teeth,LOL

Malagutigrrl said...

You ARE famous, Gerry. How'd you miss THAT??

Paula said...

Awww yes Gerry we all consider you famous and longwinded on your entries, huh? We love you anyway.


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