Thursday, September 16, 2010

40 Days for Life

I listened to part of the web cast last night which was to launch off the 40 Days for Life pro life activities to stop abortion officially beginning Sept. 21 across the nation. Last night the director talked about 60 million deaths since Roe vs Wade in 1973, but said that is too hard to wrap your mind around. He said instead it was necessary to concentrate on saving one baby at a time, reaching one more mother. This is in line with what I have always thought, that if everyone of us takes care of our own and tries to keep everyone in their own circle from being tempted to resort to violent solutions that is going to end up being a lot of people that are being reached and helped to make good choices.
The 40 Days for Life consists of vigils where people can come to pray. I did not volunteer to be part of this since my walking ability is somewhat impaired and I have no car, but I have always used my pen and my words to do my protesting where I thought someone needed to do it. Some are going to be outside abortion clinics. Some may just be donating funds for the cause.
I am going to watch a video tonight which I am going to put on my blog list. This website uses You Tube to broadcast their videos. I am always interested in those and you might be, too.
I went to Missy's blog, What Comes Next, (blog list) and as I saw a photo come into view I felt a chill and you will too. It is number 9 of her 30 days of blogging, and this one involves her feelings about legalized abortion. You know what, I felt immediately that this cause will be strengthened by a worker of Missy's caliber who expands tremendous energy. I must say her entry although the photo was very sad infused me with more energy to do my part.

Check down to the bottom of my blog list and click the Catholic network which has put out some very powerful videos to fight abortion. Tonight there will be a video on the 40 Days for Life effort. This will take you to their network.

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