Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmer's Market tomatoes the best; miracle doctor saves Tom's leg

Farmer's Market the best as usual. This time I got a soup bone to make a beef barley soup. And of course I purchased tomatoes, corn on the cob and peaches.
My sister Ann said Dr. Khoury operated on Tom, her husband 3 different times inside of 24 hours to save his leg. That's dedication. I don't believe without this doctor he would still have his leg. Ann said his toes had started to pink up already. Ann may have already been able to take him home. So once more the worst thing that could happen has been avoided. I don't think we give good doctors enough credit when they manage to pull off miracles. However another doctor neglected his case for 3 days once, neither taking any measures himself or referring him to another doctor. I believe this was malpractice. Dr. Khoury had just moved to town and he was able to save his leg that time for sure. I am sure all the seniors and disabled in the St. George, Utah area are making good use of Dr. Khoury's determination to save their limbs. That city like Phoenix is a magnet for seniors because of the mild winters.
We have so many bad legs in here I am very aware of the condition. It seems like most tall overweight men especially develop the tattle tail dark ring above the ankle that signals serious circulation trouble. If a person is tall, he would do well not to put on weight.
I am quite worried about the gentleman who was in the Westward Ho Interview One video I featured in my blog. His nick name is Butch and he said his legs went out from under him and he fell hard on a bad hip. It has been five days and he is still in considerable pain. The doctors want him to have hip surgery, but he is hesitant, afraid of a bad outcome. I told him his slimness is in his favor, but he is a smoker and has a smoker's cough so I don't know how he would fare in surgery. I think he is in pretty good shape other than that. He said his sister had to have hip surgery for a worn out hip, too, but she is 12 years younger. He says she is very glad she had hers done. In the meantime he might have to have his hip checked out if it continues to give him pain. I might should check on him.
There is always somepn' for us seniors to contend with as our bodies age and this weakness or that shows up.


Jeanie said...

What a blessing to have such a caring and concerned doctor who treat Tom.
They should all be like that no matter what age group they are treating.
I hope you enjoy your tomatoes and peaches. There is nothing nicer than fresh produce.
Take care of yourself Gerry.
Jeanie xxx said...

Love the picture of tomatoes. I am back reading and trying to catch up on all posts. I feel like I've been on hold. Back to work!


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