Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my oldest grand daughter, Laura Lynne, sitting on her dad's lap

That is her sister beside her, Kelly Anne. My son Gary, her dad, and her mother Candy were divorced when Laura Lynne was 9 or so and her mother moved to Flagstaff to be closer to a sister. So I have not seen Laura Lynne since her wedding, but she has gone on FB so I get to see the latest photos of her two children, Wyatt and Kerynn, as well as some beautiful ones of Laura Lynne. I went to Flagstaff to her wedding in which Laura was one of the most beautiful brides ever. It was a wonderful wedding. My son Gary paid for our hotel rooms and I rode back with him. My son Raymond brought his dad with him, the grandfather. Some of my family came from Utah as well. Here are some memorable photos of that wedding.

The top photo is one of me, Dean, and our sons Raymond and Gary.

The lower photo is of Kate, a Utah niece, and Kelly Anne, sister, granddaughter, and bridesmaid. The group photo is of the Grandma and Grandpa, Gerry and Dean, Kelly Anne, mother of Travis, my oldest great grandson, and Gary.

The bottom photo is of course the beautiful bride, Laura Lynne, and handsome groom, TJ.

Last is another beautiful picture of Laura with one of her children.

Laura Lynne has taken to motherhood with a passion since she had to wait quite a long time before she got her babies. She made the decision to tend some other babies instead of going back to work so she could stay home with hers.


salemslot9 said...

happy birthday
to your Laura

nice photos

Amrita said...

Laura is a beautiful girl.

Happy birthday said...

Lovely girls, both of them. Happy Birthday Laura.

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday to Laura Lynne!

Thanks for sharing Gerry. You deserve to be proud of such a beautiful young granddaughter!
I hope she had a lovey birthday.
All good wishes.


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