Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sister Ann deals with BIL's crisis with his leg

Ann's husband Tom is in the hospital with still another crisis with his leg. If they can't clear the circulation to his leg he will lose it and that's not good news. He has the condition that affects some smokers, has had blockage in the artery in his leg which was repaired but when he had knee surgery, that collapsed, so he had to have another repair. Now it is threatening to shut off circulation altogether. He is in the hands of a very good doctor, so whatever he does it will be because he had to. Poor Ann just attended the funeral of her grandkids' other grandma who was only 50. Her son has just moved his family to Texas, but they had to come back a month later for a sudden funeral when the other grandma died before they could even give her very much chemo, of a sudden infection. Now another crisis. My sister must be flagging about now.
Another neighbor in here who used to live on the 9th floor has infection in her leg, but she is very heavy and I am afraid she would not survive amputation. That would be especially hard on us ladies who carry our weight in our thighs. Which is why I try to stay as active as possible to keep my legs in better shape.
You would think we would be scared into going straight, that is losing some weight to get ourselves in better shape. Sarah my neighbor is in a scooter and has a terribly bad back so had not been able to walk for quite a long time. That is what really puts on the weight, inactivity.
I am happy to report another woman I had lined up for a video wanted to go do it today! It used to be I could not get anybody to go on camera but now they are becoming used to the idea. I am so happy. I made a date with her to go to the park Sunday when there will be less traffic downtown and therefore less noise. She is going to take her cute new dog. I already had made a date to film her apartment this Xmas season as she is a wonderful decorator. I have Danny from last year lined up for a video, too.
I am also getting people lined up to try to connect karaoke and Halloween. They go well together! I want to film some people in costume having a karaoke party. I am going to do a karaoke Halloween film of Doc and me at the same time. I did order $170 dollars worth of new karaoke dvds to have fun with karaoke this year that Doc paid for, so I have got to get him in there some way. Besides he is the best singer in here. One is $100 worth of Christmas songs, including the more goofy ones, so you can expect some Christmas caroling I hope. I am giving you a hint. You will hear some warbling on Sunday from Linda with a surprising twist.
Oh yes, I even got my grandson Dante's mother to agree to make a video. Angelina is a charmer so that will be a treat, but she got burned taking a ride on my son's motor cycle, so it might be a while. They are not together but still good friends. They both love their son who is still in California going to school. I have lots of questions I am going to ask her, including her take on Immigration as she is Mexican, if she agrees to talk about that subject.
I just got back from getting my meds at Walgreens, and it's hot! The swimming pool is green and had to be shocked, but it is supposed to open back up tomorrow.
My sister Linda in California who used to go to comedy clubs to try her hand at stand up comedy really liked Carol's comic lines in the video. I told Carol and she has agreed to learn another little routine and she will give us that the next time I film her. We had a lot of fun doing this one. What I like about Carol is she doesn't have to be coaxed to do anything.
I am holding off on filming Paul, the victim of the Phoenix serial killers as I was so affected by watching that ID featuring them. It brought back the terror we were experiencing while that was going on in 2005-6, especially reliving it with a victim who described a man running across the street who was a medic back from the war keeping him alive after he had been shot. It was like war out here on these streets, and they struck from one end of Phoenix to the other, even in Mesa. So as soon as we have all recovered from reliving those memories I am going to film Paul talking about what he is doing to put all that horror behind him. I think he has a great attitude.
People over to the Silvercrest were happy I filmed LeRoy, the great master pool player in our midst, before he goes in for treatment for prostate cancer. I haven't been able to get back over there since, as it has been too hot to walk.

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Paula said...

Gerry I'm so sorry for all the illnesses. My husband's grandfather lost both legs years ago because of smoking. Sounds as if you are keeping active. Good for you!


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