Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arguing with the democrats on Facebook mostly about legalized abortion

I entered a discussion this morning with Sheria Reid, a long time blogger from North Carolina, a confident articulate black lawyer, and her friends offered their opinions and we went at it for a while. Sheria is always the catalyst for me in these discussions. She very much wants President Obama to be appreciated and supported, and I was trying to tell her that the democratic party's inflexible support of legalized abortion is going to do more to jeopardize his chances of a second term than anything.
He has already disappointed us because of his seeming inability to inspire us with great rhetoric as we once heard from black leaders like Martin Luther King who gave a speech when he marched on Washington in a peaceful protest non violent in intent for civil rights that may go down in history as one of the great speeches of decades if not centuries. It is pretty hard to inspire people without calling on God for help and inspiration, just because our long time concept of God is at odds with abortion.
Articulate democratic thinkers like Sheria I believe are underestimating what this lack of passion in the leadership of the democratic party will do at the polls. They still are determined to support legalized abortion no matter what. But are they prepared for our first black president in history to go down with this cause after his first term?
I think that would really upset his followers. I think that the American people are rallying to defeat a pro choice president, but I am not sure if it will be this president. They didn't really rally to defeat Bill Clinton who was a pro choice democratic president, but as far as I am concerned they should have done. I think the opposition focused entirely too much on his hi jinks with the young page instead of on his political beliefs, and it backfired on them.
I do not think that opposition to legalized abortion is going to manifest real strength until a president has to pay for supporting it. I think most of us saw John McCain as too war like to take his pro life stance seriously. We got seriously bitten by a pro life President Bush who proved to be a pro war president as well by going to war with Iraq costing billions, and because of disillusionment with his contradictions, we were willing to support a democratic candidate for a change, even if he was not pro life.
President Obama compromised on legalized abortion government funding to get a pro life democratic senator to sign the health care bill, so it could pass. He said he would see that government funding would not pay for abortions. This should help get him re-elected if the American people are convinced he will keep his promise.
The second term is the President's and the democratic party's to lose, but it remains to be seen how deep the American people's pro life beliefs really go.
I believe Sheria and strong supporters like her must also tread carefully if he is to win. They can't just spout the same old abortion propaganda rhetoric we have been hearing for years. They need to show they are more flexible than that in my opinion. I don't see much willingness in them to draw in their horns. I perceive the thinking in the democratic party as being still too shallow on legalized abortion.
I think the American people are profoundly tired of the death count staying so high due to legalized abortions. They are tired of too many shallow reasons justifying it.
Legalized abortion did not exist in this country except in a few states before 1973. Even in the democratic party there are old time Christians whose belief in God goes very deep. And I believe this includes many black people who have supported the democratic party despite their reservations about legalized abortion. How long will they keep doing that? I think they, too, may decide enough is enough and they can't support it any more.
The democratic party has tread very willingly on the toes of the old time Christian black democrats who could find their comfort sometimes, only in their belief in God and that he cared if nobody else did about how they were treated. These were the followers of Christian preachers like Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King and other leaders like Medger Evans paid too high a price for their fight for civil rights for the democratic party to disrespect their Christian beliefs.
I do not believe in certain aspects of many Christian religions but I believe in the power and greatness of men of God who have sacrificed their lives for many causes down through history to make progress when nothing else worked.
How far will the American people support men in office who do not believe in the sacredness of life? I see legalized abortion as every bit as important a cause as slavery was.
Millions of the unborn are dying every year with legalized abortion. There is a holocaust going on. If pro choice believers continue to insist that it is a 'woman's right to choose' at some point there is going to be rebellion, and this next election just might be the turning point. Pro choice believers are too inflexible to change their hearts and minds. If they don't acknowledge the price that is being paid by human beings in the fetus stage by legalized abortion, they may help bring about the second term defeat of our first black president.
I have observed that many pro choice believers are no more willing than slave owners were to change their minds. They keep spouting all this propaganda as though it justifies this unprecedented taking of life. They cannot seem to grasp that this is a life, that someone is dying without ever taking a single breath. They do not seem to know what is propaganda and what is not, and they don't seem to care. Arrogance always assumes victory.
People like me are seen as the enemy, the blind, the unable to comprehend, but who is really not able to acknowledge wrong thinking here? I don't think it is me. Who cannot comprehend that the blood of the innocent should not be our right to shed? I just heard this morning the same old arguments, the same old closed minds refusing to concede that every death is our responsibility as long as abortion is legal. It is our responsibility to change this law and as soon as as possible, ready or not. What are we waiting for? A better time to stop killing?
There just isn't going to be a better time than now. In fact, the longer we wait the harder it will be to stop it. Enough of the American people just have to be able to see this to act.
Doesn't matter how intelligent Obama is, how capable, he was elected supporting legalized abortion. That is in short why I did not vote for him. I will vote pro life hoping that candidate will continue to back up their beliefs with action. I don't care who it is as long as he or she is willing to fight for the cause. Sarah Palin. Whoever.
Sometimes intelligence is not a sign of ability to grasp eternal truth. There is no way to justify the taking of life. If it is against the law then people adjust. They take more precautions. They act more responsible. That is what a law that protects the life of the innocent does. It helps people to act better. A bad law gives them license to act bad. So we learn to take bad laws off the books. That is what needs to happen with legalized abortion. No matter how many pro choice people scream and kick. They are still wrong.
I will be looking forward to the next election.

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I support your very well documented side for pro-life. Good blog.


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